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  1. Recently, i've been seeing alot of "I put signs up saying "Please don't grief"".

    This is like telling someone with an uncontrollable twitch to stop twitching.

    It won't work.

    So i'm going to give you the correct steps to avoiding griefers. There are no 100% safe times but you can lower the chances of it happening.

    Step 1: How To Make A Base... Properly.
    I see alot of people building very close to spawn in the wilderness. This just makes you griefer bait.... Or food. Probably food.
    You need to go atleast 1k blocks out. It's best if you go 3k out, though, or even leave the pre-generated circle.
    If you can face the lava, the ghasts and the holes in the ground, make a nether trip. One block in the nether is eight blocks in the overworld - making overworld travel alot faster. Remember to hide your path. If possible, install Rei's Minimap and waypoint the route.

    Step 2: Concealing your base.
    You can build stuff you care about in the wild as long as it is a long way out. Otherwise, sadly, you can't do this without getting griefed. Hide your base. Cover it in whatever material it resides on to hide it from the live-map, as a sort of Camouflage. (<--- This is near impossible to work in a fairly big or big outpost)Only take members you trust to your base.

    Step 3 (Optional): Buy Supporter.
    This is optional because not everyone can do this. But, as you all probably know, even the basic supporter package (iron) comes with /hide. This command hides you from the livemap, making it less likely for griefers to find your base when you're online. This isn't exactly going to work 100%, but it does the job 90% of the time.
    If your base grows into a public outpost, there will be members without supporter - unless you accept supporter-only members.

    Sometimes, griefer recovery is fun and brings the community together, and also brings out who the community really are. But alot of the time, it's a pain in the backside and minimizing the chances are the best way to go about it. Infact, it's the only way ._.

    That was my guide to avoiding getting griefed. I hope you enjoyed reading this Wall O' Text and, even better, it works for you.
  2. also be careful which server you build a wildbase on, smp6 is much less likely to get griefed then smp1 as are most of the less populated servers
  3. Woahwoahwoah. To be 100% grief-free, go out 6 digit blocks and i guarantee no one will ever find you.
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  4. Nice guide soul! :D
  5. How To Be Truly Grief-Free:
    1. Go out 30,000,000 blocks, to the edge of the world.
    2. Dig down to bedrock.
    3. Make a chamber, as large as you can, but not getting within 5 blocks of the seafloor.
    4. Make the walls of the chamber 5 blocks obsidian, 5 blocks lava, until there are between 2 and 7 blocks of vertical space in the chamber.
    5. Expand chamber horizontally as one pleases, maintaining the sandwich, but leave a doorway so you can get out.
    6. Build farms of every single possible type, so you are entirely self-sufficient.
    7. Make a similar structure in the Nether, to provide oneself with Nether necessities.
    8. Mine an abundance of Diamonds and Redstone, amass a ton of XP through XP farming.
    9. With redstone, make long-term Fire Resistance potions, and get the best possible diamond gear. Seal the chamber, so nothing can get in, and you can only get out when you choose to, using your gear. If you choose to get out, seal the chamber behind you and take plenty of stuff.
    10. Get an Iron Supportership, /map hide.
    11. Surround your base with Locked Doors, so only you can get in.
    12. Hack into the EMC database.
    13. Modify the coding so nothing which would suggest a base exists is logged, so if the servers are hacked, nobody will be able to figure out you have a base.
    14. Buy a VPN, play Minecraft through it, so if your internet connection is intercepted, nobody will be able to see where your base it.
    15. Buy a room in Fort Knox, in the US, supposedly the most secure place in the world.
    16. Lobby in Congress for higher security around Fort Knox.
    17. Work on scaling the software components in Minecraft to a hardware equivalent, use this to make a dedicated computer to play Minecraft.
    18. Fix all security holes in Minecraft with 1337 Java knowledge
    19. Secure your room in Fort Knox with biometrics, so nobody except you can get through.
    20. Bury your Minecraft computer under a kilometre of cement, access it through a secure terminal link.
    21. Switch your screen for a VR headset, linked to the Minecraft computer via a 549,775,813,888-bit quantum computing encryption.
    22. Do the same as 21, but with audio, using headphones.
    23. Switch the VR headset and the audio for a device which can beam Minecraft directly into your brain, again through the quantum encryption.
    24. Lie down and cry softly, because this is never how you envisioned your life.
  6. That was great haha
  7. ... I feel most of this is a complete joke...
  8. Such is life.
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