[Guide] 2014 /promo Bows

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  1. Hello everyone. Today I will be talking about 2014 /Promo Bows.

    Chapter One:
    How to claim a bow

    Step 1:

    To claim a bow you need to do
    Type the /promo in the chat

    Step 2:
    ENTER the GUI(Just press Enter)

    Step 3:

    You need to hold the shift key and click the bow.

    Step 5:
    There is No step 5. It's in your inventory now.

    Step 6:

    Chapter 2:
    The Valentines Bow

    If you shoot with a cupid bow and the arrow hits a player than the player will have heart particles above them.

  2. Valentines Bow Trivia:

    • A shoot consumes a arrow
    • The Lore says: 2014-03-08_09.13.05.png Love is in the air!
  3. Chapter 3:

    The Lucky Bow

    The Lucky Bow has many enchants:
    Unbreaking X(10)
    Power V(5)
    Looting IV(4)

    The Lucky Bow Trivia:

    • Unlike the Valentines Bow, this bow does nothing to any
    • The Looting IV works on the bow.
  4. Conclusion:
    Any staff can put this in the front page.
  5. Does it work as looting 4? Sence it is on a bow...
  6. I just tested it.
    Yes Looting 4 works
  7. What exactly was the point of this thread?
    It gives in-game instructions, and you quadruple posted...
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  8. Don't we have the wiki, general knowledge, aikar, et cetera for this?
  9. We have the Wiki for this.
  10. We do? Lol..... Forgot about this
    EDIT: But this is a tee bit more interactive
  11. The posts have a word limit btw
  12. At least he tried and was trying to be helpful. It might be on the wiki, but this has pictures which might actually help someone, on the wiki it just has:
    • /promo - Lists current server promotions with the full commands that can be used. To redeem a promo, use /promo PromoName - eg: /promo iday
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  13. Yes, the promo IS lacking information :)