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  1. Can anyone guess how much a ghast head was that I bought from someone? ;)
  2. FDNY do you know where i got the head from because your the closest (no peeking on my res)... :eek:
  3. Someone on SMP9? That's all I got :p
  4. 21.5k? 22.5k?
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  5. It's 22k and MatthewDA for anyone wondering :p
  6. nice job sam!
  7. oh I paid 22.5k for the head
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  8. Imma go out on a limb here and say 22.5k from MatthewDA...? Am I right?!
  9. Well there are few people who could be selling Ghast heads for that much, so yeh. MatthewDA, I'm pretty sure.
  10. Why would you buy one for that much? :p They go for 10-12k on smp8
  11. reel mature brah
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  12. Really Ark!
  13. Yes, that is my final guess on how much that ghast head cost and who you got it from. Am I Right?
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