Guardian Temples Spawning in Weird Locations

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  1. Hey all. Quick question.

    Are guardian farms effective if the temples aren't in deep ocean? There's three temples that are pretty close to my location in the frontier. However, all but one are located in biomes that are not deep ocean.
  2. I believe Aikar said they wouldn't function properly unless they were in Deep Ocean. Do you see guardians around anywhere?
  3. Seems to be functioning normally on the two in question. Mind you I haven't tried to slaughter the guardians en masse yet so I cant really say for certian.
  4. The temple spawn zones (very centre) will be of DeepOcean biome, even if the temple appears to be in the middle of a jungle.
    Fight yourway in and you will see!
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  5. So as a clarification: as long as some part of the temple is in the Deep Ocean Biome, that's sufficient enough to turn the entire temple into a farm without issue?
  6. I can tell you for sure that my guardian farm is in regular Ocean biome up at the surface but once you're inside it's Deep Ocean.
  7. I've had an ocean temple spawn in the dead center of luckygreenbird and I's iron farm. It's still there and now the question is, what to do with it.