So um....What?

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  1. So I was on my way to build a new outpost right? Not anymore!

    I ran into this while exploring the frontier.

  2. Nice place to put an ocean temple.
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  3. I know right?
  4. Yeah that was from when temples could spawn in ocean AND river biomes. Someone must have accidentally spawned it pre-fix while walking by a river.

    Edit: I had one spawn on me in the mountains... it chopped away part of my iron farm.
  5. dont get rid of it great place for a farm looks awesome!
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  6. Heading back to town and getting the proper supplies
  7. Nice find! Bit odd though lol :p
  8. If anyone wants to tag along and see it, meet me on SMP3
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  9. Wow, that's pretty interesting :p Nice :rolleyes:
  10. I once found an Ocean temple in the middle of a snow biome that must have generated in a pond
  11. Found a ton of sponges
    How much are they worth?
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  12. Was that the one by the slime and ice farm?
  13. Not a whole lot, now. Right after the 1.8 drop, they went for 20k, now maybe 1k. Depends on the buyer, a lot.