Guardian Farms?

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  1. So i have a question about guardian farms in the Frontier. Im talking about a farm which is made by completely demolishing an ocaen monument and building a 'cage' of water where guardians spawn and eventually fall into a grinder. I know EMC has nerfed spawn rates of wild animals, but I want to know if it is worth building. I dont want to deidcate the time to make this massive farm and then only have 2 guardians spawn per hour. If someone with knowledge about animal spawns in the frontier could shed some light on this that would be great :)
  2. What would you like to know? And yes, they are worth it x1000
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  3. The drops price in the market is inflated, but it shouldnt be hard to make your money back
  4. I have a guardian farm. It is not up to optimal production yet but it does pretty well already. In the last several months the market has become flooded though. Used to get 70k - 80k for a DC of sea lanterns, now they are about 40k. Just FYI.
  5. There's a public guardian farm on SMP8 if you want to check it out. Seems to me to get decent rates.

    The exact spawning differences from vanilla are detailed here.
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  6. Like said above, visit smp8's Sushi drop. This should give you a good idea of guardian spawning on emc. :)
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  7. Well, when 1.8 came out, aikar forgot to nerf the spawns, so 30% of the farm overproduced what my complete farm produces now. That being said, a complete farm is still very productive in EMC, you'll quickly get more drops than you can use. I see guardians constantly falling, here is a picture of 5 in the air with many more dust clouds:
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  8. This is the fully automated version of Sushi Drop, very similar to Kevmeup's farm too. No, this one is not public. You can see though all I've done is Sushi Drop's build with a glass floor and hopper minecarts running underneath the glass. Sushi Drop is smp8 Public Wild Utilities. Directions are on first page first post here:
    Feel free to go check it out, cheers :)
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