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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Qkazooo, May 26, 2015.

  1. I just bought Gta V today and i was wondering if anyone else has it and would like to play sometimes :p
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  2. Had it for 360, never got the xbox 1 but if I do I will buy this and play it with you :DDD
  3. I got it for computer :p
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  4. I have it for the PC and Xbox 360. I'd be happy to play with anyone in about a week or so.
  5. Got it for PS3 and yah, its fun. My main gripe though is that the storyline is relatively short and gets boring too quickly. GTAO on the other hand can be lots of good fun, esp. when playing with some serious players.

    But something tells you you probably got this for PC :)
  6. ps3 ended up being a slim without them telling me, i have to delete 1 game to play another and i cant even play bioshock. so i have a feeling it cant hold gta
  7. Hey dude, I own GTA V too for PC. I will be more than glad to play it with ya sometime.
    If you want to add me on steam just click on my signature below
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  8. eh i dont know why i am commenting in 12 why would i be interested in this!?!?!?!?:eek::confused:
  9. Because You are bootyful
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  10. :p Thxs but still why? im 12 i shouldnt be looking at this :confused:
  11. So Don't. Simple as that :D
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  12. -_- im so stupid
  13. Ain't We all?
  14. Hey Qkazoo, We can have some fun on GTA believe me. Plus You are gonna feel a little bit like this.
    The Dictator Heists.jpg
    Believe Me, You'll get a lot of money after the heists XD
  15. Hm sounds good , add me on SocialClub : Snowfr34k
  16. Well, I played GTA Vice City when I was 5. Or at least I thought it was Vice City. However, no GTA V for me. For now. =(
  17. Good gracious, I didn't get to even play MySims and Club Penguin until I was 5.
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  18. When I was 5 I played outside..
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  19. I played Vice City when I was 5, and still would if I could find the disc (I dunno where it got put since I moved house, or if it was taken at all >.>) and could set up my PS2 :p

    In the past 10 years, my mum has learned what GTA actually is and refuses to get it for me. I'm going to buy a new computer soon and then I'm buying GTA V for it through PayPal so my mum doesn't know I have it... and then I just have to pray nobody sees it or my brother doesn't rat me out >.>
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  20. I have it on Le 360 of xbox if anyone would like to play :D I'll be getting it for PC in a few weeks because my exams will be over. by the way :3 xbox gamertag is the one and only sexy boy.......... Shrinkingmatt (I'm small so shhh)