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Will you be buying GTA V for the next generation?

Yes, I will pre-order the game 9 vote(s) 30.0%
Yes, I will get it eventually 4 vote(s) 13.3%
Yes, I will get it once I have got a next generation console 4 vote(s) 13.3%
I will think about getting it 3 vote(s) 10.0%
No, I will not be buying the next generation game 10 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. As many of you may know, GTA V is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in November and the PC in January. There are said to be many new things being added to the game such as cars and weapons and even new animals, graphics will be upgraded and the Snapmatic photo app will have higher resolution images, according to one site, there will even be 30 car races and death-matches which will definitely be a sight to see!

    In this thread, feel free to talk about if you will be getting it, what you will be getting it on, why, your favourite features of the game/features you are excited for and generally what you think!

    For those that want to read on, I have some more information on the game and an image from the next gen version:
    For those of us that play on 360 or PS3 currently and play GTA V, it will actually be possible to transfer your characters over to the next generation. The transfer can only happen once, but once it has happened, you will still be able to carry on with your previous generation character. Any progress made on the previous generation once transferred will not count to your next generation character. However, once you have transferred, you will be able to reap the benefits of all the new features on the next generation with your previous character which I think is great as we will not have to start from scratch on GTA Online (and possibly Story progress as well)!

    Rockstar have released this image from the next generation game and I can only say it has some really high prospects with the way it is going:

    There have also been some GTA V comparison photos circling the internet of what a certain area looks like in the current gen as compared to next gen. If you wish to find these then use google images and search something along the lines of, "GTA V Next Gen" and you should start to find what you're after!

    If you're interested in looking into some more of this then Rockstar answered a Q&A about the next generation game here:

    An interesting statement mentioned in the above link's article: "The new weapons, vehicles, photography filters and missions for GTA 5 on PS4, Xbox One and PC will only be available to players upgrading their PS3 and Xbox 360 saves."

    If you want to look into it even more then there are plenty of articles on the next gen GTA V and Rockstar have released a good amount of information on it too so feel free to look that up!

    Now, feel free to discuss the game and what has been said, and feel free to enlighten us with more information that you may have on the game! Will you be buying next gen just to play the game? Is the next gen game what you were expecting? Are you excited for the new features? Anything that disappoints you? What about the Collector's and Special versions of the games? Talk! :D
  2. you should add the poll choice "Yes, I will play it on a friends console" haha (if you can idek if thats an option after its made)
  3. If you look on the GTA V wiki you can looks at a few of the cars and a helicopter they're going to add.
  4. I'll probs get it on PC just so I can carry it around with me on my laptop :p
  5. I will definitely be getting it for Xbox one.
  6. I will be getting it, and be a returing player, I cant wait for the dodo sea plane

    And drive
    The Imponte Duke O'Death

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  7. I'm gonna do the same thing as ppl do for new apple stuff. Camp right in front of the store the night before it's getting released. ( for pc )
  8. I can't change it now that it's made, sorry :p
    Thanks for the information slash! I had a look and there is some good content there.
    I may get it on PC eventually, with GTA IV, I waited for it to go cheap before getting it on PC so that I could just have some fun with it and mod the game :p
    I'm thinking about this, but I will need an Xbox One first!
    I will be a returning player also (If I do get it for the Xbox One) so the new content will be nice!

    According to one article I read, Special Edition and Collector's Edition stuffs (cars, weapons etc) may be available to buy with in-game GTA Dollars in the next gen version of the game. But, I am not sure if this is true and if it is, I am not sure if it is restricted to returning players only so that's all just talk to me at the moment!

    I'd probably pre-order if anything, but everyone has their ways! :p
  9. If my mum will still allow me to get it for Christmas (I begged when it came out to get it for Christmas, she said no. I try after Christmas; she says yes. Not entirely sure if she's lying or not >.>), then I'll be getting it for PS4. But only if I get a PS4 for Christmas.

    Last gen is a no-no because my PS3 decided to suicide its disk drive last month and its too expensive to fix at the moment. Me and my dad could attempt to fix it with the right parts, but I don't trust either of us with something like that and neither does my mum :p (That would probably be waay more expensive than getting it fixed if it turns out I need multiple things >.>)
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  10. I'm in a similar situation on this part - I will only get it for Xbox One if I get an Xbox One for Christmas :p But, my dilemma is, should I ask for one for Christmas? :confused:
  11. I can ask for one simply because I have three siblings and I had to promise I would make it a shared present between all of us :p (little does my mum know the PS4 has, like, no games aimed towards three year olds and my sister wants to buy rubbish over-priced games my dad will convince my mum not to buy :D)
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  12. I may get it, I have it on PS3 but don't play it xD I have a PS4 but only have CoD Ghosts & Lego... lel. To be honest - I can't be bothered to play it because it's boring without all that cash. That was like the only part that I enjoyed.
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  13. I probably won't ever touch Online. It looks like too much of a grindfest, like PayDay 2 and CoD. Single Player looks like so much more fun :p
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  14. If you pre-order it you get 1 Million online cash. ;)

    Me and my friends have made a crew and they 3 of them are between levels 100-200. So if any of you would like to join us. Let me know. ;) (Xbox One Crew)
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  16. I managed to complete the online within the 2 (I think) weeks with no multiplayer. I prefer the online because I've completed the campaign :p. If there was an award for biggest multiplayer failure, GTA V would win.
    • It wasn't released for like 2 weeks after game release
    • The tutorial mission didn't even work
    • Constant bugs
    • Character loss
    • Server connectivity issues
    • Hackers
    and that's just naming things I can remember xD
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  17. I completed the campaign in about, uh, not very long :rolleyes: It took me about 4 days or something like that, but I've restarted since because I killed Trevor and then I found out that deathwish is a much better idea... Anywho!

    I wouldn't say GTA V is the biggest multiplayer failure ever, perhaps one of... But it certainly was a huge bug-house when it came out. I never lost my character but I lost my first car to a bug which is sad but hey, I have much better cars now xD My first car was an orange Albany Washington... Yes, I still remember it, here's a picture of it (not my one):

    I had quite the class, right? Especially with it being in orange...
  18. I did the one where you don't kill either of them, I didn't want to break that emotional attachment with the characters :p

    Can't remember my first car - my current one is a bright pink Bugatti Veyron... xD
  19. im going to buy it of course but i would like to see some changes in the story to maybe change the endings or random missons.

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