GTA V Fps issue - Iron Supporter voucher award

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  1. Whoever can fix this for me shall win an Iron Supporter Voucher.

    *I know for sure my PC can run it
    *Yes ive updated to latest nvidia drivers, ive tried rollbacking, reseting display drivers
    *Windows 10
    *Steam version
    *tried vsync options, optimal settings, everything on low, still no fix

    I have this issue where I play GTA 5 that I have 60fps for like 4 seconds and then around 15fps for 2 seconds, it makes everything unplayable and I really want to play this game properly. Ive tried to many fixes but nothing works.
  2. You might've tried this already, but I fixed the problem for my computer by lowering extended distance scaling in advanced graphics settings.
  3. Ive tried this
    If anyone really needs to know my laptop is Lenovo Y50 2015 edition. People run gta 5 on full ultra settings 60fps with this machine
  4. have you tried redownloading it? You might have a bug
  5. Yup tried that
  6. This is really weird. you might just want to turn down all your graphics
  7. Have you tried doing a FULL virus scan with something like Avast or CCleaner?
  8. If you can't get it fixed here, perhaps the people at could be of help.
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