Ground rules for owning a residence.

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  1. Okay this is for all the new people joining the server. Ground rules for owning a residence:
    1. When you chop down trees, chop down the whole tree.
    2. When you use 1x1 towers to reach high places, remove them when you are done.
    3. Do not complain when someone griefs you after gaining build permissions. You wouldn't give a stranger the key to your house would you?!
    4. Turn off fire-spread! Use /res set firespread false. This will keep fires from spreading to other places. At-least that is what I read.
    5. If you are going to build a dirt house, do not build at all. Un-claim your residence and leave.
    Responses are open, post YOUR opinions below! :)
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  2. While I personally don't like seeing half trees or 1x1 dirt pillars. Who am I (OR YOU), to say what people do on their lots.

    Firespread stops grass spread, just a FYI.

    Otherwise good tips.
  3. Ah, I see. Well that sucks that fire-spread doesn't do what it says. xD But you ARE right that we can't tell people what to build but the dirt houses, half trees, and 1x1 dirt pillars makes pretty much the hole server look like a bunch of noobs.
  4. People can do what they want on their res. (as long as it doesn't cause major lag)

    End of discussion. Have a nice day. :)
  5. Well there goes my plan of building a dirt house and putting a sign on the reads "The Mud Hut" :)

    Kidding. But on my private server I have just that in one of my towns. It's for dirt storage.
  6. I think someone should create an awesome residence... just using dirt (they can let dirt or mycelium grow on it though) I would donate dirt to it:D
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  7. You get a gold medal. :p
  8. I think you can have dirt towers and dirt houses as long as its underground.
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  9. It can only be above ground if it is covered by a different material
  10. I think that you should stop telling people what they can or cannot do. Are you a mod? No so if they are not breaking the rules than you have NO to tell people how their res should look.
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  11. Firespread does stop firespread as well, but also any other spreads (hence grass). And calling someone a noob because they built out of dirt isn't right.

    Next its wood, or cobblestone, etc. Just because you have more than someone else doesn't mean you should say what they can or can't build. You, I, and everyone else on the server we're noobs at some point.


    I don't normally meme, but see where this leads....
  12. I never built out of dirt ._.
  13. I see where everyone is going with "I shouldn't tell people what to build" but see, do you want to look out your amazing beautiful residence window only to see a bunch of cactus, and dirt 1x1 towers, half chopped trees, and dirt houses? I don't.
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  14. That's not the point...

    The point is that there will always be someone better or worse than you at building out there, and you shouldn't judge them for what they've built, no matter what the material.

    Now look. I'm not trying to be rude, but I'm trying to show the point, and I thought the meme would be enough.

    Recognize this res?


    That's yours. The ones below?


    All of the ones you can see are mine. So clearly I should say that because you didn't spend 172k on circle stone (as stated above) or don't have 100 diamond blocks in your floor, that you shouldn't be able to build? NO.

    I like your res, and I'd like it whether or not it was made out of diamonds, dirt, gold blocks, or sand. It doesn't matter because it's your creation, and its your idea.

    That's what minecraft is, and if someone wants to build out of dirt, more power to them! Personally there's something appealing to me about the little dirt hut.
  15. always have to rub in ur creations XD
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  16. He asked for it :). I normally don't post any screenshots, except for the one for the new hotel, and they aren't nearly done.
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  17. feel free to add in my smp8 lot to that when im done with it. it seems like when im motivated to work on it i never can be it school, in a dream (trained lucid dreaming FTW!!!!!) right before going to bed, or when my internet on my laptop goes out :mad:!
    anyway yeah some guidelines that have an idea of what you might want to do, suggestions, but not rules. i would ask a mod to close this thread if i where you. just a little disrespectful.
  18. Agreed, suggestions are nice, and a great topic for this would be:

    Suggestions for Keeping Your Lot Tidy!

    I think I'm inspired though! Make a res that looks like what's listed above. A little dirt house with some hastily mined trees. Maybe grow some grass out around the lot, and then hide a huge underground structure in it!
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  19. Since we're critiquing dirt houses, I thought I'd put mine up:

    I've seen several others that put mine to shame. Why would you take any of the building blocks and rule them out?

    When it comes to aesthetics, I really don't care for your standard oak plank house. Castles either. They've been done over and over. Some look very nice. Some not so much. BUT, we have a wide range of people here with varying ages and levels of skill. I would encourage everyone to try and appreciate what others have done as much as possible. Give someone a chance and they may eventually turn their mud hut into something really nice.
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  20. Maxarias has a pretty neat res on smp8, I believe. If it's not 8, then it's 5. Only dirt.