GRIP got a new CEO

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  1. Hello wonderful people of the Empire,

    My name is GRIP CEO which means that I am the CEO of GRIP. Simple, right? In case you haven't heard: GRIP is a non-profit organization set in motion to support players who got griefed. The organization is doing decently fine but was in desperate need of a hostile takeover. Which is where I, the CEO, come in.

    As my first act of office it shall be my sad duty to fire both AyanamiKoen and ShellDozer for reasons you will eventually read in our annual stockholder report, somewhere on page 347. Full transparency indeed!

    We shall also need to triple the subscription fee's for... wait.. Sorry, wrong organization. Not to worry folks: no conflict of interest here what so ever. But in case you're in the mood you should really try <spam removed by ShelLuser>

    And with that I bid you a good day dear sirs and madams.

    -- GRIP CEO

    Say hello to my (ShelLuser) ALT. Up to now Aya has managed the GRIP treasury and she did an amazing job. The problem though is that she started using her rupees a bit more often and it became a major hassle having to constantly check what money was hers and which belonged to GRIP. So I decided to do something about it. As such: GRIP CEO. He won't be too active but will be the main resource of rupees and resources for GRIP.

    Further details will follow through official channels.
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  2. wat
  3. Hi Grip. Welcome to the Empire and loosen your grip a little, :rolleyes: OK. :p It is great meeting any alts. ;)
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  4. I just contacted my attorney and based on your inability to even spell my name right your hostile take-over attempt has hereby failed. But if you ask nicely then we may allow you to keep hold of our financial reserves :p

    I has magical powers :D Sorry, it was supposed to be a secret but I couldn't resist. You know how it goes...
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  5. Where can I find this stockholder report?
  6. Unfortunately that will only be shared with stock holders. Of which we have none because that's not a thing on the Empire. As such none exist as of right now. But don't worry: me firing those people was fully legit ;)
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  7. I'd say welcome to the Empire, but you're already well acquainted here Shel! :rolleyes:
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