Griefing is not cool.

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  1. That is how simple I am puting it. Griefing is not cool. If you grief, remember, you are simply, stupid. Horid. Stupidly horid. I don't care what words i will mix up it is completely UNcool. Please don't grief, it is frowned upon in most servers. It is also annoying, and I hate them. I hate them More than hypocrites. THAT is saying something. I have been griefed about EIGHT times in the last MONTH! So remember, if you grief, you suck. That is all.
  2. Why would you even make a post like this?
  3. Lol desdesable everyone is starting to make interesting posts.
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  4. True story mate :p
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  5. Best answer to this thread ...
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  6. Guys sorry for wrong meme use. Here is the correct one :D lol
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  7. didnt you post this about 2 days ago?
  8. no, i posted it earlier today
  9. If you are getting griefed in wilderness, then i assume you don't use my guide :p There is some nice information that might be useful for you :)
    If you are getting griefed in your own residence: /res default
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  10. ... he's been here longer then me and u so i assume he knows this stuff nothing can really stop griefers
  11. Maybe he is here longer or no, but getting griefed more than 8 times it's a signal of something going wrong :p
    I'm just trying to help him out, not attacking his Minecraft knowledge ;)
  12. @1achmed1 Sorry bro, you didn't write anything xD
  13. Threads like this end up as spam threads as there is nothing JustinGuy can do about griefing in the wild... What ever you build in the wild is what you risk.
  14. uhh u get banned if ur caught griefing in the wild
  15. like I said what you build in the wild is what you risk. People out there like to grief sadly that is why I don't do anything in the wild. It saves me a bunch of madness
  16. less fun just building in town