Griefing is an ongoing issue for me...

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  1. I've had admins out at my point of access for my base at least 3 times because of griefers. I'm set up in the wilderness on smp8, the closest protected area is wilderness east base.
    The reason why I put my access point RIGHT NEXT to wilderness east base, is because I make a lot of mob based products at my base(s). It's a long long long minecart ride, and it's convenient to bring stuff back to a store residence by minecart. To be honest, I'd really like to bring more than just my inventory and a enderchest at a time, but I do what I can with my limitations, which is why the rail line. I can hop in, and just go for a ride while i step outside and... stretch my legs... Then come back and I just gotta teleport home, and then teleport back to the wilds, and unload the next cart, and back home, and so on and so forth...

    I think the biggest issue I have, is life happens, and I get busy, and I just don't have the time to come babysit my stuff in the wilds e'ery day. And next thing you know, 6 months have gone and went. Know what I mean?

    My access point, is merely a surface structure, usually with a hidden door to access the railline that takes me to my base. The first leg of that trip by minecart is enough to trigger your 1km achievement if you don't have it yet. I use a hidden door because I really don't feel like inviting everyone that happens to come across it down to my bases. Sadly neither of them are far enough out to qualify for outpost status. Luckily, my main one is well hidden. I think I'd probably cry if that one was located and destroyed.

    When I first put my access point there, it was right after a wilderness reset. It was nearly as pristine as the wilderness base still is. There were people that had built stuff, and I left it alone. It wasn't mine, I didn't build it. I may have occasionally dropped some signs that say hello, but, I don't go breaking stuff, because I hate it when it happens to me. and it always happens to me.

    So since I've had my access point in all stages of destruction, I was wondering what options I have available. Here are some of my thoughts on this:

    1. Would be nice to get build flags for the protected wilderness base area, then I could build my access point where it could not be destroyed by other players. But along with this, I think since bedrock is usually 4 blocks thick, it would be nice if I could get a nice sub bedrock tunnel running out to my bases, then nobody would be able to get into it and mess it up... But the bedrock thing might be asking a bit much, since you'd need super user access to do that.

    2. How about designating an area with either bits of code, or maybe a special block when placed makes it impossible to remove anything around it (like a claim block), including the claim block if you don't own it. I know i'm asking for something kinda like a fortress claim, but in this case, it would just be a specific area say, one chunk, bedrock to sky where you could protect an access point from molestation and grief. The claim blocks maybe could be used to protect a specific area, like, 16m3, or would be nice to just have 5 blocks from top bedrock, on all the chunks the line goes through. This dimension isn't arbitrary, it's the outer dimension of my average rail line tunnel, the inside of which is 2 high, and 3 wide, but there's lights and stuff above the railway, even though the tunnel is only 2 high.

    I'm kinda out of ideas now, but I'm getting ready to really explore the wilderness base, to see if I can offshoot a railline somewhere that's well protected from discovery, and relatively easy to get back to without being too easily discovered. Redstone torches on hidden switches would probably work long enough to trigger a door on protected base site? although, I could make a combination lock also. That would be a massive undertaking. If the powers that be want to give me a build flag... I'll supply all my own materials. And the build flag would be temporary, just until I get it 'just so' and then you could take it away. I wonder if I could still open a chest in a protected area? I'd have to lock them obviously... Anyways, really out of ideas now. I'll check this thread later. No rush for replies. Deep thought is good too.
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  2. I haven't read the details on the new grief protection update which I believe is next after the 1.9 update. I'm not sure if that will solve some of your issues, or if being so close to spawn will be a problem still. The best way to prevent griefing is to move your access point further out. Also, simple camouflage can go a long way. Skip the built structure, take note of the coords and cover with dirt, watera etc. You could also try encasing your entry point in obsidian. It won't keep everyone out, but might keep out some of the moron griefers who didn't bother to obtain a diamond pick.
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  3. Protip: Hide your rail reeeeeealy well. Like, find an ocean, dig down, make a ladder to y=5, and make a portal from there. Don't have a surface structure or anything, just write down the coords.
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  4. My base entry is lieterrally 5 blocks from spawn. Only been found once in 2 years. I recommend to travel through the nether. Is more secretive and shorter
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  5. A lot of the nether portals just connect to preexisting ones. I'm still hoping for a simpler solution, but for now, I'm still thinking about it. The vault helps some I guess. One of the reasons I never did obsidian walls is because it makes teh redstone switch REally stand out, since pistons can't move obsidian.
  6. The Anti-Grief Update is coming after 1.9 is released, so you can look forward to not having any more Griefers! Nether travel is very useful when it comes to traveling far out. If you have a base that is more than 5000-10000 blocks out, I recommend you make a rail in the nether. The farther you travel, the less likely you are to find another nether portal within a 128 block radius. I have my rail in the nether that goes out 5000 blocks and I have never had an issue with nether portals connecting around my main nether portal for my outpost. Here is a link to a Nether Calculator:

    One block in the nether is 8 blocks in the overworld. All you have to do is enter the cordinates of your base and it will calculate it for the nether and you could dig there. I recommend you build your nether rail around 50-100 blocks away from the spawn protection and hide it behind a wall of some sort (try not to make it obvious that there is a rail behind it). Nether rails are less likely to get griefed because people who tend to grief things go to the wilderness first. The nether is probably the last thing they think of.
  7. Is it possible to run minecarts through the portals? I remember seeing a video on it, but every way I try to send one through, it doesn't go.
  8. No, I do not think it is..
  9. I did run a nether rail. I had to be creative, for the other rails I found... And I squirreled my entrance away near someone else's portal. I did my best to put things back as I found them, especially when I accidentally ran into a few other's rails... But I don't think anyone will notice I stumbled onto their stuff. I'm pretty good with redstone and rails so I can guess how stuff was before I got there.
  10. The problem - This is stupid! Why should you have to inconvenience yourself on great magnitudes just to get to your own establishment? This is why it's so inconvenient to live out in the wild and a lot of people are discouraged from doing so. It's awful logistics wise. If you don't have hours of time to spend traveling, like you know, anyone that has a life; you put griefing susceptibility on the line.
    While I don't want to discount anything that GRIP has done, as I'm sure it's really helped some people, it simply does no consolation for the time that one has to put in to something that gets destroyed. I personally have been griefed on multiple occasions and the items lost or money lost does not matter to me. It's the time I put in that somebody took away from me that really discouraged me from trying again.

    There really isn't a proper solution to any of this without Empires and land claiming coming out - and we all know how Aikar Time works.
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  11. We have not only supplied but if we're not in a rush (most of the time), we will stay at the scene and help repair. But obviously we can't rebuild the huge buildings unless our day is empty
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  12. Are you saying I have no life?
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  13. If you spend that long just traveling then yes lol
  14. Late reaction, typing using my phone is utterly annoying for me.. Anyway... There is an alternative if you care more about living / playing / building in the wild and not so much about item transportation: another SMP. For example; on SMP9 I'm all the way out in the frontier, more or less self-supportive. So the moment I use /SMP9 I'm basically starting my survival session. /smp2 and I'm back in the comfort of town.

    Its not perfect, but a good alternative for survival play.
  15. Both of my personal outposts are outside the Circle of Influence on their respective servers, while not grief proof, I have noticed that each 1k block that an outpost is from servers outpost significantly reduces the amount of griefing that occurs. This doesn't apply as much to publicly known outposts such LLO and Eternia (which itself if a server outpost of sorts). And as I stated, it doesn't eliminate griefing but seems to reduce it.. Unless of course, another Jumble Eternity Griefer appears.. (Um, I think that shows my age... :oops: )
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  16. My wild base, has been there since the Frontier Reset, and I have yet to have someone find my base, It all revolves around how well you hide your portal, You can even do what i do, where one portal links from the wild to the nether, as then you are far away as is in the nether when you start your rail, then you can have another portal linked to the 1st one where when you use it, it will spawn at spawn underground...

    One of the reasons i see from yours is new players come on, and see access right there to your base...

    If you want to hide your base, would suggest working on hiding your portal better.
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  17. I actually only have had one base griefed one time, and that caused me to push further out. In the process of pushing further out, I stumbled upon some spawners too close together to pass up. To my knowledge, nobody other than those invited have ever been to that base. I like bud switches!. What kept getting griefed was my access point to my railway to get to the base. Honestly all around spawn looks like a war zone these days. if you go to bedrock, using the voxel map mini map, it looks like the same as wastes mining. It's just a shame that people can't follow basic instructions in english. Kinda wondering when the Frontier will reset next.
  18. Actually, the wastelands were created to stop the need for frontier resets as there was this huge fight that I was a part of to reset the entire frontier several patches ago (I was against the reset personally as I have a number of wild settlements myself, as well as 2 registered outposts) to add in the new biomes that were added, eg. ice spires, mesas, and taigas, and whatever else had been added by then. The frontier resetting to get these biomes pushed in would have wiped out tons of wild settlements and the wastelands were created as a compromise to protect the settlements. There is supposed to be a PRZ (Periodic Reset Zone) like in a 500 m (Maybe 1km) radius around the outposts that are reset manually, but I think ICC was the last person to actually run that reset, and do not know if it has been reset manually since, unfortunately... :oops: ...There may have been one since then, but I do not know..
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  19. Disguise it like something someone wont have a reason to enter. like an empty quartz shaft for example.