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  1. I would like to suggest that in the effort to recover things, that instead of just banning someone, you give their belongings to the person they griefed.

    It is all fine and good that the mods are able to catch the person who just stole 20 of your hoppers, your enchantment table, droppers, Redstone blocks etc. But then to have to replace it yourself is somewhat one more jab at being unfair.

    Am thinking compensation should be a viable option.
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  2. This would be ideal, but people CAN lie about which items were stolen and such. It'd also be fairly easy to duplicate items this way:

    Player A places 20 beacons in his base.
    Player B steals them and puts them in a chest.
    Player A gets his items replaced by staff.
    Player B is banned.
    Player A gets the items from the chest that player B left.

    Now I doubt it would happen with something as small as 20 beacons, but for something greater in value than those, it's certainly not only a possibility but would be a reality.
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  3. Perhaps the staff can ask the player exactly/about what the griefer stole. The staff would look through the griefer's inventory, vault(s), and res chests. Items found that match what was reported as stolen would be returned to the player. Items not found are told as missing, and not replaced.

    This way, the staff wouldn't have to unfairly conjure up blocks, and the reporting player wouldn't be able to take great advantage out of this.
  4. Meant it more as
    1. Player A grief's Player B
    2. Player A is caught and banned via investigation.
    3. Player A appeals and loses.
    4. Player B gets properties via /retribution command.
    5. Player C thinks twice about doing it.
    Also. If you do get it, then you get what he has at that time, not necessarily what was taken. So if he converts the 20 beacons to 20k rupee's. You get 20k rupee's as repayment.
  5. Staff log the wild, they can see what blocks were destroyed...
  6. ^^^This^^^

    I tried adding more. Couldn't think of anything.
  7. What if he sold the beacons and spent the rupees

    This idea could be great but I'm not sure it's worth it. Could have an alt grief someone's stuff pass the items to me and have the alt banned.

    Couple other things I could think of
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  8. They can lie about what was stolen. I still do not know if staff can know if blocks were broken, but I'm sure they can know what player placed a block. Remember, they can still lie. Lets just say dee6983 griefs me. I tell them he griefed 100 beacons. That would be lying, because I am too scared to kill about 150 withers.

    edit: what effin said :p
  9. Using alts to do this would be too risky - staff track I.P. I'd have to be done with public accounts or friends.

    That there sounded like I was plotting how to exploit a suggestion. It is.
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  10. I literally just killed over 100 today xD ... so.... :p
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  11. Ohh ok I see
  12. Yeah, they stay with the person when they get banned. The items should be replaced than lost forever.
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  13. Apart from what the people here already stated, there may be another reason.
    People would probably complain. Because some griefers keep their stuff when they're banned, and it can be given back. But other griefers would just throw the stuff away, or die on their way back, making staff unable to give it back. So people might find it unfair.
  14. Several indescrepencies I can think up on the spot for many forms of compensation, not just what you suggested:
    • We allow a period of time after a ban for players to appeal. What if they're innocent and we just gave their stuff away? Sure, we could wait a month to return the items, but then what good does that really do to the victim? We'd have to track the victim down again, there would have to be another system conjured up to allow the easy return of what was taken which would take up even more staff time. Not to mention that moderator's don't even have the ability to purge possessions, so it would all rely on Snr Staff or time that Aikar takes to code a complex system.
    • It takes a long time to go through logs, let alone track down every item found in them.
    • What happens if we can't return something because we can't confirm it's theirs? The victim thinks we're being unfair because everyone else but them got their stuff back.
    • Duplication between alts/players leaving
    • Griefers selling what they take, meaning we would have to go through Rupees as well.
    • Lots of people grief the wild, not just one single person. Do we track down all 6 players and return everything between the 6 of them?
    Keep in mind that in the past 2 days there have been 14+ temp/perm bans for griefing, so x14.

    Don't get me wrong, we would LOVE to return items and make everyone happy, but it's not viable.
    We just don't have the time nor resources to do this. Senior staff are required for all of that, and their time is very limited among the other tasks that they perform.
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  15. See - there is the problem. You are using logic to counter my proposal. In a game, logic has no place. it should all be Leroy Jenkins and que que.
  16. Rule of thumb, lock your chests
  17. So true Mman it cost 1000r to lock a chest and some may complain about the price but if you can't afford to lock chest then don't put your stuff in the chest in the first place leave it in town were it is safe

    If you really need an item out in the wild but can't Afford to lock a chest the put it in you inventory and log out becasue ppl can't steal from you inventory
  18. This ^^^^

    Usually there are really only a few things that are very valuable even if a base has 20 chests. Lock one and keep all the really good stuff in it. This is a really solid investment.

    There is the issue with not being able to lock chests in the wastelands. Be sure you are using your enderchest. Also, horses are protected, a donkey or mule with a chest could be temporary protected storage, although a determined greifer might still get around that type of lock.

    The simple fact is that town exists because there is no perfect way to protect items in an open survival world. EMC will continue to improve our ssytems to limit the damage that can be done, but it is one of the elements of survival.
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