Griefer Wars (the resistance)

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  1. June 10, 2012, the greifers invaded. They first stuck in the wild, and then moved to town. You
    might ask," But the town is protected?" Well, not when the army of greifers are also hackers, who can hack into the server, and change how it works.

    They raided everything. SMP1 was first, then second, and then 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 9. "Well,
    what about 3?", you might ask. SMP3 was turnedinto the army base of EMC. This is where ICC and Justinguy, along with the mods, started planning on how to defeat them. "Why didn't they just ban them?", Well, because they also changed that too.

    Private TDT recounts. My leg ached as I huddled against the smoldering tree on smp1. And they said the town would be safe, I coughed. The town was engulfed in darkness, nothing was left to spare. Suddenly the intercom blared... (Courtesy of Penfoldex, IamBobert Robert, and Mr Legit for the series, I will try my best to keep to the story line)
  2. Heh…credit goes to Mrlegitislegit. My story is a side story to his. So is ImBobertRobert's story.
  3. "Can anyone here us?" The intercom crackled, "We need immediate assistance, I repeat immediate assistance!"
    I gripped the intercom and just stared. "We are on the residence---HOLY COW They're here, ARGGGH..."

    The intercom became silent.
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