The Griefer Wars (Pen's Story)

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  1. June 10, 2012, the greifers invaded. They first stuck in the wild, and then moved to town. You might ask," But the town is protected?" Well, not when the army of greifers are also hackers, who can hack into the server, and change how it works. They raided everything. SMP1 was first, then second, and then 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 9. "Well, what about 3?", you might ask. SMP3 was turned into the army base of EMC. This is where ICC and Justinguy, along with the mods, started planning on how to defeat the. "Why didn't they just ban them?", Well, because they also changed that too. (snipped from Legit's story, better if separate thread according to Legit.)
    Yes. Smp9 was hit twice. Utopia and smp8 are still in constant fighting with the hackers. Rumors say that the hackers are the Low Fat Sherbert Pigs who have come from the future after IamSaj led EMC to victory later down the road. They have come back in time to get revenge on us. I am currently hiding in smp1, my res. I have a hidden bunker, low supplies, and a roommate/ally: CreepaNinga235. I have also reached contact with ImBobertRobert.
    The war continues as Utopia is about to fall…
  2. its like a new book i just want more!
  3. I discovered that the hackers have left to attack smp3. I realizied we have no respawns anymore. I see dead players everywhere.
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  4. The players slowly are morphing into mobs. Suddenly, zombies surround me. I hack and slash at them with my stupid stone sword. Thankfully, I had chainmail helmet, chest plate, diamond leggings, and iron boots on. I gathered all the rotten flesh and experience. I needed to enchant my armor. Griefers saw me. Like the amazing shot I am, I dispatched both of them in a matter of seconds. This was not the joy of PvP. This was war.
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  5. I continue on, forced to leave my bunker behind for now. I hide it before setting out with a full inventory ready for battle. I attempt to reach smp3 knowing that the EMC army is stationed there.
  6. The griefings were huge. Luckily, I knew of a secret passage (that actually exists) that leads to spawn while bidding myself from view. Thank Notch the route was still intact. I reached spawn to be greeting by what appears to be a commander of the hackers. He hacked into my chat and typed :D
    I froze, surrounded. They advanced, and I retaliated. Sword vs sword. I had equipped myself with my spare diamond swords and battled against these cheaters. They had dual wield, fly, and x-ray mods on. I knew I had to escape, or else I would die. I jumped for the portal as TNT exploded the spawn. I had no idea which server I was about to arrive at.
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  7. i want this in book form!
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  8. No problem. I just need to write it up when I have time and set up a chest for you.
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  9. I arrive at smp2. It's completely war torn. Fire burns everywhere. I glance around and see a small band of griefers. Crouching, I readied my bow. I took one out, switched to sword and ran at them. Then other players appeared out of nowhere and joined me in the battle. I encountered the smp2 survivors.
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  10. Did all of this really happen, or is it just an awesome story??? ;D
  11. Awesome story. Read MrLegitisLegit's and ImBobertRobert's stories too. They take place in the same universe.
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  12. Suddenly, a player came up behind me and knocked me out with a stone. I began to black out. The last I saw was the resistance staring at me.
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  13. Make this a book! I'll happily buy it.
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  14. Will do.
    I awoke in a dark room. Groggily, I walked toward the window. I squinted outside and saw several players guarding the walls. I checked the IP and I had arrived in smp3. The base of EMC's last force.
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  15. Ready up soldier! Today we will make our final stand! Aikar reaches out for my hand and pulls me up. (feel free to tell me to delete this post if you don t want it here)
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  16. It's cool.
  17. As I continued to scan the area, a fire arrow struck the iron bars in front of me. The griefers advanced. And I was stuck inside a jail cell, somewhere in the middle of nowhere on smp3, defenseless.
  18. The fire started to burn the outside. A guard opened the door and dragged me out. Someone tossed me a sword and a full set of leather armor. I pulled it on, grabbed a bow on my way out and joined the battle. We fought against the griefers, outnumbered. The scorching desert sun seared into my back. We were being cut down like flies. I ran for it.
  19. I scrambled discarding my armor. I looked at my suit and saw blood statins on it. Not important. I continued running, my body aching. The griefers had fly, so they had no trouble catching me, but they were instead hunting me. Arrows whizzed by my head. A ravine lay dead in front of me. I jumped into it.
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  20. I hung from a vine.They dropped down missing me, to confirm I was dead. I threw a few items down to make sure that they wouldn't go looking for me. I climbed up. I continued to run as the sun set. My body ached. I could die now. But then I saw the base. The smp3 main base.