griefed res

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  1. on my res 1227 smp1 i had a maze... in that maze i had a sticky piston trap. when i went down there(to try it again) the dirt blocks were destroyed and my sticky pistons were gone... I gave no one perms to my res so i dont know how this could happen.
  2. i have a screenshot of the dmg but i dont know how to upload
  3. 1. click button
    2. select picture
    3. insert picture with bottom two buttons.

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  4. Use or to upload a screenshot, and then link to that screenshot in a private conversation with a mod. You can send a private conversation by clicking on the drop-down "inbox" menu in the upper right-hand corner of the site.
  5. We could look at what may have happened, but we have never had a case where someone could bypass res protection.
  6. Well, that didn't help much. :l

    Maybe somehax found a way to break stuff in protected zones?
  7. I highly doubt this, because the protection is handled all server side, there has to be an explanation :)
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  8. there used to be a pressure plate and some sticky pistons there.... the lighted area was covered by dirt
  9. Or someone know's you Minecraft account and used that (But that is highly unlikely)

    How many pistons did he/she take can give you some :)
  10. Perhaps somegent spilled coffee on your servers. causing those particular blocks to vanish for no explainable reason other then the theorized apparent spilling of coffee.

    Or he removed them for some reason and forgot about it.
  11. no one knows my password its like 20 characters long... ive used it for 7 years and i still haven't memorized it
  12. Ok but how many pistons wre took?
  13. they took 2 sticky pistons.
  14. Oh I can give you two if you want :)

    also what server are you on?
  15. im mostly on smp1
  16. I no longer have them :(
  17. I say this is a fake. I have to agree on Justin. No hack can bypass any sort of protection. Anything that you do in SMP is handled by the server. Unless you have given someone permission in your residence to build then that specific person could have taken your sticky pistons. The only time people can bypass the server protection is if Justin mistakenly put the wrong code in Residence.

    If you ask how do I know? I was a past server admin and trust me people tried to fool me but I had ways to find who's cheating and who's been griefing.
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  18. I do not believe it was hacks but I just like to help :)
  19. im not lying i had 2 pistons then they were gone when i went back down there...