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  1. overnight Saturday, eastern time, on smp3, I logged in and at my waste camp, I found the following. t chests broken and taken, my ender chest also taken, the contents floating around of course. 18 or 20 bookcases missing, the lookout tower i have on the top of a mtn damaged badly. The Waterfal and lava flow I built broken. This is the 2nd time in a week this has happened here. I would just like to get the word our. At least this time My locked chest is still there and ok.
    Just wanting to report this as I know that in the waste structures are not permanent and all, but still there should be at least some respect for other peoples work. I spend most all my time in the wild so I put up structures where I mine. Would be nice to not have to worry about them every time I log off. Location is [REMOVED BY STAFF]

    Just a warning
  2. First of all sorry to see that you got griefed. However, reporting this here, especially with sharing coordinates like that, is not the right way to go. This only has the potential to attract even more problems.

    When you get griefed you should first and foremost report this to a moderator. Preferably in-game (use the /staff command to see if there's a staff member online, if so look them up and /tell them about it) but if that doesn't work just contact someone on the forums (here is an overview of all staff members).

    That is the best way to help the Empire because this will allow the staff to look into it, and also determine who did what.

    Edit: I know that AyanamiKun already contacted you about GRIP, but even so I figured I'd still mention it. Although we mostly concentrate on Frontier and optionally town builds. Waste is a bit of a special situation because it was never intended to be used for permanent buildings. Even so: each case is different, let us know if we can help out to get some of your items refunded.
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  3. Gonna go ahead and close the thread as the issue has been handled. Coordinates have also been removed for security reasons to help prevent future griefing.

    ShelLuser post gives information on a service he offers to assist with griefing incidents and also other ways to reach out to staff. It is usually best to contact us via private avenues as grief reports contains sensitive information other griefers can use to strike again.
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