Griefed Again and Stolen From (Resolved)

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by KikuDusk, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. I don't even know how this is possible. Its like if me and my friend are away from the town for more than a few days something happens. Not that long ago we had someone majorly grief us. But this time. I don't even know how they managed to do this. Someone stole almost all of our chests. All of them were LOCKED. I am 100% confused as to how they managed to pull this off. Most of our resources are gone along with our enchantment table and the 3 brewing stands I had in my house. The ones in the castle are still there, surprised their not gone too. The girefing is minor, way easier to fix than last time. But I would rather have a major grief again then next to EVERYTHING stolen. Literally just sitting here shaking with anger and being mystified. I don't know what to do. I already messaged the staff. Some of the signs that had chests or brewing stands under them are still there. I don't get this at all....
  2. I think you need to put the signs on the chests for it to lock. I'm not sure though.
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  3. Sorry this happened.

    You don't need to put the signs on the chests, they can go above it unless there is a bug.
  4. They were locked we know this for sure.
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  5. Did you report this to staff? I'd suggest reporting it to staff and keeping it kind of low and let them do the work :p

    While for the signs, that kind of tells me who did it as only you and the user can break/open the chests. But message staff and the problem will be resolved soon :)
  6. The main thing I'm wondering about here: where were those chests? Still: to my knowledge a lock sign cannot be placed if it can't be associated with a chest, so that should be covered. And once a sign has been placed then it should be impossible for others to remove the chest.

    Another question: I see you placed 2 lock signs next to each other. Why? Did that also involve a trapped chest by any chance (so placing a regular DC and a trapped DC next to each other)? If not then 1 sign should have been enough as well (and probably cheaper too).

    Maybe I'm stating the obvious but the safest way to place these signs is directly above your chest(s).

    So yeah... First and foremost get staff involved. Preferably before fixing any messed up areas. Let then check who did it so that they can deal with it.

    Second... Try contacting GRIP. We might be able to help you get some of your items back, depending on the kinds of items of course. But in general we're a good way to see some of your stolen property refunded.
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  7. I've sent some money over to you so you can replenish at least some of the items lost.

    Note: Not representing GRIP with the donation.
  8. The now empty room with the one floating sign is where all of the chests once were. I had has many chests as I could fit in there on the floor.

    As for the 2 signs that's where I had 3 brewing stands, one of them is missing.

    All of our signs were right above the chests. The last grief attack we had none of the locked chests had been messed with. The staff aren't even sure how it happened.

    I have informed and talked to staff and I have yet to touch the town. Not till everything is sorted out.

    If needed I will contact GRIP but not until I talk to staff a bit more. One of the staff I talked to said I can possibly be compensated for whats missing as long as I can give them a list of what was lost. Tho it will be a rough estimate of what I believe there was if not a little less.

    Also thank you very much Dr_Chocolate for your generosity, it means a lot to us. What you gave us will go towards re-locking all the chests once possible.
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  9. I've seen this before. I know from experience that as long as your name is on the sign. You can break the chest whilst leaving the sign intact.

    So if you didn't break the chest than the other person on the sign must have. That's the only way to explain this.
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  10. Closing this thread. As the issue had been resolved. :)
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