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  1. I was told that the person who greifed the place a long time ago was banned. this happened extremely recently, so I don't understand how they greifed me if they are banned. I am aware the location is greif prone, thanks. I know I'm close to spawn, but if I'm outside the safe zone it shouldn't matter, I was greifed. The only reason I made a new thread is because I wasn't able to explain myself since I was imo dismissed as some old player who got greifed a long time ago and just now noticed. The thread was closed. Since there's nothing else I can do other than move, I'll be repairing our house. I'm stuck since it costs so much for a protected chest and I can't discuss leaving with charlotte since she rarely is on where I am (we live on opposite sides of the earth). I'll probably be forced to send her mail and tell her I am leaving her house and i'm taking all my things and tell her what I was told when I reported our greif issue. Once again. This is NOT OLD DAMAGE. I've been there for a while and I know what was there and what wasn't.
  2. when I am I meant, sorry.
  3. You're sort of unclear in this post, could you rephrase it?
  4. Also I was told to PM a mod, but there weren't any mods on. I would have if someone was online.

    Sorry, I was a little upset and forgot to clarify. my mistake. this is a follow up to the post linked below. I was basically told my problem was handled a long time ago, when the damage that was there before was reported. when I joined the server for the first time, that's what I saw. They said the person was banned back then. This is impossible, since my problem is very new and the person who caused the pre existing damage to the location was banned. This must be a new greifer due to the new damage. I feel like they thought I built my house back when the community was greifed a long time ago and just now reported it. This is not the case, and the fact that I was dismissed like that was a bit upsetting, since I really love this server and don't want to have any issues with it.

    if someone could let me know if whatever area reset they apparently do in wild will destroy my protected chest? I know they reset waste, but apparently there's something like that around spawn in wild? That's something else I couldn't ask about since they closed my thread so quickly.
  5. no, I'm not sure how. I've never needed to use forums before. This was faster than trying to figure it out. Could you tell me how? I'd appreciate that a lot since I could have a conversation without getting my thread closed so I can't respond.
  6. Try private messaging a moderator on the forums here. There is a list of moderators here.
    The wild is never reset, only the wastelands are.

    EDIT: Well, yes, the square around the wild is reset, but I mean the part that people can actually build on.
  7. okay thank you so much. And for some reason someone said on my other thread that part of wild is reset, possibly a misunderstanding.
  8. I thought the area within the square around spawn on the live map is reset sometimes. (in the wild)
  9. I said that in the previous thread; this is true. There is a 500 block Periodic Reset Area around spawns.
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  10. so even though i'm outside the safe zone i'll get reset?
  11. Private messaged BigDavie. I hope this gets handled, or at least better explained. Thanks for telling me how to message through the forums.
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  12. Look on the live map, the red box is the safe zone IIRC, and there is a larger yellow box, that gets reset every so often.
  13. The area you are talking about I took care of that player months ago and when someone else came along and did even more damage to area via lava grief, he or she was taken care of. Another thing that I have been keeping a eye on that area for long time now even before last two resets in the zone. On the bedrock rock is home of somewhat wild community in which I'm one of those people who started it with couple of friends. People come and go because it gets grief so often that players give up knowing that griefer was caught but don't feel like rebuilding over and over. Lastly,You say this griefing happen recently "how recently?" what I have found on square that last "grief type" actions in that area of your picture shown was couple weeks ago even months now.
  14. Sorry to hear you were griefed, I have just sent you 2000r for 2 locked chests, hope this helps a bit

    Good luck :)
  15. I'm pretty sure the damage (at least from my home) was within a month ago. i'm not sure though. I've given up. I moved out somewhere else and abandoned ship.
  16. Wow, thank you so much! I'll lock my chests now!
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  17. Okay so I just want to let everyone know that BigDavie helped me out and told me someone in the past few weeks did do damage to my area and was banned. There was other little damage, but that's probably not something I'd have noticed. The situation has been handled now. I'll be repairing my home for Charlotte but I'll probably focus on my new base and lock those chests. I'm glad this got handled and hopefully I won't have this issue again (probably will, but I won't make such a big deal about it).
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