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  1. Hello,
    My name is Jess- but my in-game name is iCoder (soon to be EncryptedSilence). I'm 16 years of age and an experienced builder, PvPer and general Minecraft player. I'm currently learning coding.
  2. Welcome to the Empire!
  3. Welcome! smp6 will be a great fit for you :)
  4. Hi Jess. Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  5. Welcome to EMC! :D
  6. Welcome to the Empire!!! :D
  7. Welcome to EMC! We hope you enjoy your stay :)
  8. Welcome to the Empire! If you want to have some PVP fun in-game type /pvp
  9. Welcome!
    Don't listen to him, let the sorting hat choose.

    The hat has spoken...
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  10. Welcome to the Empire!
    What coding are you learning?
    Hope to see you at PVP sometime, I will try and try and try to kill you, so don't laugh too much when you slaughter me!
  11. Hello, I am an inexperienced builder, PVPer, and a general minecraft player.
  12. Haha, thanks everyone!

    I'm learning plugin basics at the moment, I'm such a noob.
  13. First of all: Welcome to the Empire, I hope you're going to have a lot of fun here!

    Now... If you're going to encrypt the silence then wouldn't it get a whole lot noisier here? :D

    (Sorry, sorry, couldn't resist :))
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  14. Welcome to EMC!
  15. Welcome to emc a tip for you watch out for smp8 you might go in unmaried but you will come out married
  16. Lol! Should be LoudNoise then xD
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  17. Belated welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  18. Welcome to the Empire.

    If you need any cheap basic materials, come to /v 18891 on SMP9 :)

    Also, EMC's owner (Aikar) is holding livestreams regularly in which he codes for EMC, so you might learn something from that ;)