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  1. Hello there, PowerBowser here. Just started playing EMC a few days ago. I'm on lot 18887 (I think) on SMP9. I like playing with redstone most, but I've taken an interest in aesthetics lately. I played a bit of SSP before, but EMC is my first multiplayer. So far I think I'm going to like it. :D

    My first major impression was... wow, it looks like creepers and endermen made war on each other all around the wilds safe zones, ha ha ha. My second impression was, wow, it's a lot harder to find resources! Even heading down to bedrock level, there are tunnels everywhere, with people spacing them three blocks apart. And I thought I was so smart to figure out how that was more efficient. Ego... shrinking... gaaaah...

    I'm looking for some folks to run with. I'm not online really reliably at specific times, but probably between 9-11 PM CST. Anyway, I'm up for building projects especially, mine runs if you want some backup, and you can give me perms and show me where your diamonds and butter are, if you want. Just saying. If you see me online say hi. I'm politely boring to the point of people inflicting harm on themselves about 99% of the time. I say that out of a sense of fairness.

    Must be perfectly fair. Must perfectly line up my shoes, nice and straight and even, laces all coiled neatly inside... oh no, that one is laced backwards of all the others, and I don't have time to relace it because my favorite rerun is coming on tv, and I've only watched it 9 times, not an even 10, I can't leave it like that, but maybe I can relace the shoe and watch the rerun at the same time, except then that would be like doing each of them halfway, and I'd have to do both of them at the same time again to even it out, but I don't have anymore shoes that need relacing...

    :eek: *head explodes*
  2. Well then.
    Welcome to EMC! You'll have to go out further than the destroyed zone if you want to find lots of ores. :p
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  3. Hiya there!
    Welcome good thing this is your first multiplayer server!
    My other ones I tried just lacked any interest for me.
    Please enjoy your time here!
  4. Welcome to the Empire! Nice username btw :)

    And like penfoldex said, in order to find resources you'll want to wander out a ways into the wilderness.
  5. Welcome to the Empire! :D Hope you enjoy your time here! :)
  6. Welcome :), enjoy your stay and have fun :D !!!
  7. Welcome :D! Like you EMC was my first SMP server. I got lost in Single player before I knew there were minimaps and stuff. I gave up thinking I was lost forever and got bored. Found EMC and have stuck with it :D.

    Yeah, the areas around spawns are crazy, most people usually go out further to harvest, buy from shops or end up with friends nice enough to share.
  8. Welcome to EMC! :D If you like mining and the wild, you should join a Wild outpost!
  9. Welcome to the league of Empire! Please vote for us and read the guide if you have any questions.
    Remeber to read the rules before attempting to join the server.
  10. Welcome! FYI for the wild thing, that place gets picked clean in the first few weeks of the wild being out. The farther you go from spawn, the less griefed it is.
  11. Welcome to EM -3.14-R (get it?) I actually live very close to you on smp9 at 18894. Come visit me sometime:D
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  12. Welcome to EMC! :)
  13. Welcome to EMC! Enjoy your stay!
  14. Heeeelloooo and welcome to the Empire!!!!
  15. Will do!

    My first gathering run, I actually went down beneath the ruined area and found about half a stack of redstone, 4 diamonds, about 15 gold and 15 iron. I was pretty surprised, heh. But I've already started heading out beyond the periphery of the four wilds outposts, north, south, etc. It was just a rough start compared to SSP, considering I had to really hunt for my first wood. :)
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  16. Woot! I've been lucky like that before. Yeah wood seems to go fast, when I first started I wandered out and all I saw were tree tops. Soon hopefully, they're adding in wastelands which will be mainly for gathering stuff and will be reset regularly so it should be easier. The current wild hasn't been reset in a while because there have been no major updates and people live there.
  17. I found that just tracing the edge of the protected spawn areas around level 10 to 16 yields great returns! Plus you can always hop in a protected cave and insta-port home!
  18. Hiya. Welcome. :)
  19. I've done that a bit. I got shot by a skeleton into lava which was in the protected area, luckily!
  20. Hi PowerBowser. Welcome to the Empire! I read your post and thought "hmm sounds a bit like me, LOL". I also like redstone and I'm very particular about how my res looks. If I build something that doesn't look just right to me I have to tinker with it until it seems balanced. Anyway, if you focus on getting a few sets of gear put together you'll be able to survive better and trekking out a bit further will reveal that there are lots of relatively untouched areas that are full of a lot of resources. I'm on smp9 too. If you see me online, go ahead and say hi to me and I'll help you out.