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  1. I am Siannia Panthera, a mature red head with a strong passion or Rping. So much that my entire family enjoys Rping with me as well as minecraft and DCU. I am currently looking for a place to combine minecraft and rping. I am hoping Empire is just what we are looking for.
  2. Welcome to EMC. Be sure to read the guide and feel free to ask me any questions you have.
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  3. I'll bet the Empire will be what you're looking for. Welcome, and what server have you chosen to be your home?
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  4. Welcome to the Empire!
  5. Welcome to the server. If you have any questions, feel free and ask. We have a very nice set of staff and members willing to help. :)
  6. Welcome to the empire which server do you plan to live on?
  7. Welcome to the worlds best Minecraft server, also, your first sentence in your intro sounds like part of a dating profile.:p
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  8. How did you find about this server?
  9. Welcome To EMC, hope you enjoy it here
  10. The Empire HAS what you're looking for. Read the Guide.
  11. Welcome to EMC! Hope you have fun here! This is probably what you've been looking for! What smp are you?
  12. I am sure you can find a group of people who are willing to Role Play, I do not know personally any groups here who do it. But it is possible to assemble one. If you were expecting EMC to just be a Role Playing server, it is not, but there is nothing wrong with adding it as an element to the current community :).
  13. You know Smooch, I used to be an avid Role player not very long ago. If you role play as well, that'd be pretty awesome.

    But yes, I'm sure we could easily get a group of role players together. :p
    So welcome Siannia, to the Empire. If you have something you like doing, there are most likely others who like doing that as well. :D;)
  14. Well there's the neighbors to the LLO, the Umbrella Corp…More details, see HavockStorm about it.
  15. I believe their theme is base on Resident Evil. They don't really do RP last time i talk to him in-game
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  16. RP is pretty Rad :D Welcome to the Empire!
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  17. Just the theme? I thought they RP to be like Res. Evil's Umbella Corp…
  18. Don't think so, panda can back me she been thro a tour lol. He just big fan of Resident Evil
  19. Well I'm not that sure. They MIGHT. I've been on the tour as well. Havock has some pretty cool stuff there!
  20. Yeah I got a tour. I don't know if they RP but it's pretty much based off RE Umbrella Corp. They have "Club Virus" night club, plan to make a HIVE and have farms, cafeteria, homes, etc and they use the red and white symbol in lots of stuff. I was told they want to get the Minecraft Umbrella Corp on the Map. Not sure what that means lol.