Greatest thing ever....

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  1. This is Wilbur Von Bacon, I found him at Walmart he makes pig noises when you squeeze him. PandasEatRamen doesn't like him very much in fact she told me not to make this thread because people would make fun of me. BUT who doesn't think this thing is awesome its a spotted pig for crying out loud and it oinks when you beat him against the wall.
    Anything cool you found at walmart recently?
    i really like walmart, go there everyday almost >.>
  2. I like de piggie:3
  3. You:

    My reaction cannot be contained in one gif/img.

  4. Love it:p
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  5. That is a good stress reliver.
    just smash him against the wall and hear him cry xD
    I don't think i'll ever stop laughing XD
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  6. ITS TRUE i dont regret nothing it was the best $5 i ever spent :D
  7. It's only $5?!
    *heads over to Walmart*
  8. Sorry to say Pandas, but that thing is awesome. :D
  9. A lot of things in my life have been followed by this reaction.
  10. All we must add to it is a laser, then it will look like it is in a laser shooting stance. :p
  11. sikko...(JUS JOKING) i lol'd so hard. it was like LOLOLOLOL
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  12. This is probably my favorite use of a reaction gif of all time :D
  13. more sikkos:eek:
  14. and saved....
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  15. I'm pretty sure this is the real star of the thread, lol.
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  16. How do you people do this gif thing anyways xD
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  17. FInd the gif, upload to imgur account. Paste link. :)
  18. This is like magic to me lol
  19. Then why didnt you go to hogwarts you muggle....