Great Nether Hall (under construction)

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  1. This was going to be a shop for my res but it just grow and grow haha so now its to big to be a shop so i changed it to a great nether hall any ideas would be appreciated.

  2. Update

    All the digging finally finished
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  3. Lava being used as lighting would be cool.

    Maybe some glowstone tendrils?
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  4. This is really nice I'll have to check it out when its done
  5. Cool man! Keep posting pictures as you make progress.
  6. Thanks all and yeah there will be lava in alot of places started on the throne area abit slow now as run out of nether block so just making some and mining it

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  7. This is really cool. Great build so far :)
  8. Thank you for the amazing comments they mean a lot they but i big smile on my face haha:)

    Biggest pain the the bum to build in survival but worth it.
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  9. A little tribute to myself lol
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  10. :p this looks awesome
  11. The floor is finally finished and i decide i still had space for a shop but i done it more like a market

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  12. Another update on progress on the market

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  13. This is coming along nicely! I love it!
  14. Oh, it looks cool! :)
  15. Yea, I agree it does look real cool! Here's a small donation to help, check your rupees !
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