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Which card?

MSI GTX 960 2GB OC Edition 1 vote(s) 16.7%
MSI GTX 960 2GB 100 Million Edition 2 vote(s) 33.3%
Asus GTX 960 2GB 5 vote(s) 83.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey everyone, I've been looking into getting a new graphics card for a little while now and I'd like to check with you guys as to what you all think I should get!

    My maximum spend is going to be around £200 and I would prefer something from Nvidea GeForce. These are the current cards that I have been looking at:
    I was thinking about going for a 2GB MSI GTX960, but I'd like your opinion on it. I want to get best for my money and I want something that runs well and will last me. As long as it is within my sort of maximum spend limit of £200, I'll consider it. Thanks everyone!

    EDIT: Now purchased MSI GTX 960 2G and 16GB RAM, thanks all!
  2. Get them all! >:')
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  3. Asus
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  4. In my opinion I'd go for the asus but thats just with past experience and quotes from friends :) Honestly there isn't much difference between all three, mainly just the make/model but asus is just better quality in my opinion :) also has a nicer exterior
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  5. MSI GTX 960 2GB GDDR5, I use it and it works great, well worth the money.
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  6. The graphics card has a more nice exterior? Are you thinking of a an Asus PC, or the graphics card? I am a bit confused.
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  7. Thanks... But no, I can only get one :p
    Any reason?
    I've had past experience with MSI too and I quite like them, I have an MSI motherboard and all so it would make sense, but thank you for your feedback, it makes me feel better about the Asus. As for exterior, I'm not too bothered about that ;)
    I'm certainly thinking about it... Thanks for the feedback, this feedback means a lot, thanks all, still looking for a few more opinions if possible!
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  8. I'm saying the exterior of the graphics card looks nicer c: I don't know what FDNY's case looks like? If it has an acrylic panel but yeah :p
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  9. I use an Aerocool X Strike, there's lots of variations but mine looks like this (my custom red LED fans are a bit brighter than this though :p)
  10. Well now I'm upset as this is nicer than mine ;-; ugh at least it has good airflow for the components
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  11. Amateur.
  12. I hope you're joking! :rolleyes: Well, that's just the case, built the whole PC myself. Looking to upgrade the graphics card now so let's get back on topic, Cory. :D
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  13. Own the same one and am really really exploded by how good it works I hadn't have so good expectations but when I tried it the first time it was just like Whhaaatttt?????
  14. Interesting reaction, thanks :p
  15. Hmm, at first glance it doesn't appear that the cheaper MSI one has the 0DB fan feature (turns off fans if the GPU is not too hot), so therefore I'd probably go with the Asus one.

    My current GPU is an MSI Nvidia one, and it's pretty good (in terms of cooler - I like the looks, it's quiet, it's really cool), so I don't think there's anything wrong with MSI. If you don't really care a lot aboud the 0DB fans, and the MSI one matches your motherboard better, I'd suggest that one.

    Oh, and if you would like to overclock it a lot, IIRC I heard somewhere that the Asus Strix cards had not so good power delivery, but I'm not so sure about that...

    If you have any other computer related questions, feel free to ask them to me. :)

    EDIT: Do you play any other games than Minecraft?
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  16. lol ya it was really that way it was Whhaaaaattt????? :rolleyes:
  17. Got it, I'll think about it ;)
    What about the more expensive MSI, does that have the fan feature? As for noise though, I'm not too bothered as long as it's not too loud, so I am thinking about the MSI :)
  18. I just got a new graphics card myself. I'd recommend the MSI GTX 960 GDDR. There's really no difference in the performance in any of them, the more expensive MSI is only more because they want people to but it because "Its special edition, ooohhhh" and the Asus one is a good bit thicker, so it might cause problems later down the line, if you ever want to add another card.
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  19. It seems like it's just the same as the other one, but instead it's green, and you get a free game.

    Now that I looked better, I noticed the MSI has "Zero Frorz" (=fans don't turn if the card is cool enough), so that's not a reason to buy the Asus one.

    I'd go for the cheap MSI one, unless you either like green better (or it fits your system better), or you want to have that free game.
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  20. My MSI motherboard only has one graphics card slot anyway, but I see what you mean if I got another motherboard... I probably won't be upgrading anything after this for a long while though (excluding GB RAM). Thanks for the feedback Knight! I assume it runs games well? :)
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