GPX+ (Global Pokédex Plus)

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  1. So, who uses GPX? Post your trainer card, eggs, and pokémon, here!

  2. Aaaaaaahh... I can't join off my iPhone. :(
  3. Used to have one SOOOOOO long ago... Idk if my account is still there xP
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    K... They're in my sig.
  5. This is a ill-named thread. Y NO "A simple gpx thread!"
    Anyways, why are all your pokemon level 0 princebee?

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  6. How I get that trainer card thing.
  7. Thing seems to be broke, all my PKMN seem to be lv. 0 according to sig xD
  8. Just signed up, thanks princebee!
  9. Looks cool i got to sign up becuase I'm a Pokemon nerd =D
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  10. You don't say! xD
  11. Screen shot 2013-06-08 at 9.24.04 AM.png
    Spent about an hour doing this. Anyone wanna try and beat me? :3
  12. In other news...

    That's a ho-oh egg btw ^.^

    Got it for my 1 year on gpxplus.
  13. LUCKY.....
  14. Not lucky, just that I waited for a year (2 in fact) and got it for the achievement.

    One summon power later, and I got one awesome egg :D
  15. Check out my stuff sometime i just started yesterday!
  16. What's GPX?
  17. I just started yesterday i dont know a ton, but you start off getting pokemon eggs or safari zone and capture pokemon, raising them, and you can battle against people