Gotta love the 100k pick :P

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  1. A few diamond ore veins and already paying off my armour :)
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  2. You're using the items? *screaming internally* :p
  3. you do know that the fortune 3 is obtainable in survival, right?

    You got NINJAD *Evil laugh*
  4. Logically it offers no benefit over fortune 3 god pick for ores. However, the magic kicks in when you go to break obsidian ;)
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  5. Isn't it Fortune III, like a normal pickaxe?

    Edit: Lots and lots of the same comment :confused:
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  6. yes
  7. I got the plate cause I can use the Thorns V, which you can't get normally, in the arenas without depleting durability.
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  8. You mean that I shouldn't have bought 9 extra pickaxes to use?
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  9. The Mineral Mincer IS actually good for mining. It insta-mines stone, so add a speed potion and go branch mining... It's totally worth it.

    I bought 30 to be used. ;)
  10. Of course! It's haste II on a pick! Added with Haste II from a beacon and you're Haste II'ing Obsidian ultra quick! Should have called it the Ultra Quick Pick.
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  11. Feel free... I suppose y'all making my unused ones worth more by using up the ones in circulation :cool: Although they're still available from shop, but hey, this is besides the point :rolleyes:
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  12. One thing is for certain: you'll be mining for a loooong time to get their money's worth back.
  13. Yah but the speed is undeniable