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Internet Explorer or Google Chrome?

Chrome! 45 vote(s) 88.2%
IE! 6 vote(s) 11.8%
  1. So, I was thinking of swapping from *cough* Iinternet Explorer to Chrome...
    is this a good idea?
  2. I'll predict this will turn into about a six page discussion/argument about which browser is best.

    But seriously, yes, please for all that is good and holy, switch from IE to Chrome.

  3. LOL @ the picture!!
    Thanks for your opinion, and if this gets out of hand I will ask for it to be closed.
  4. Yes try Google Chrome!

    First i want IE, but when i seen Google Chrome by a friend, i want it too :)
  5. Google crome is better In every way!
    It has built in adobe flash player!
    It has lightning fast speeds!
    It has a store for tweaks and themes!
    It has better and faster YouTube!
    It has a good GUI?
    It has all the trumpets and bells and whistles!
    (it is better)
  6. Chrome all the way my friend.
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  7. Definitely Chrome over IE any day.

    On a side note, any redditors in this thread using RES and Chrome? I can't get it to install on my PC, but can on my Mac :(
  8. What about Rock melt? :)
  9. Using chrome right now ;)
  10. Yeah. Chrome or Firefox, they both have adblock, adblock is nice. :)
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  11. Im not sure, I'd choose chrome, I dont use internet explorer, or firefox.
  12. all hale the chrome
  13. Lol, its up to 22 now. I do have to ask why you don't consider firefox though...
  14. I grew up on IE. But I prefer Chrome
  15. how about safari :(
  16. same. and to think that a year ago i all was like "eww chrome is lame long live IE"
    then my laptop got hacked because of IE (you could tell IE was the weak link people)
    then i switched to chrome, and no more problems. i even visited the trouble site again and no problems.
    firefox is ok, i just dont like it. generally the same. adblock FTW though.
  17. safari is apple. we dont want to start an apple/windows flame war either.
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