Goodbye, For Now At Least.

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  1. Hello Empire Minecrafters, or should I say goodbye? *ba dum tss*

    I've made several threads similar to this, but this should be the final one.

    I'm not going to be sappy and write an entire wall of blubber...

    Just short, and simple, and to the point.

    It's been over a year on EMC, and I've just, lost interest. I don't really know how to explain it, but, yeah.

    I'm not going to give a "list" of my favorite people, or mods, or whoever. You should know if you're special to me.

    Thanks for all the good times and laughs.

    Pig, signing out.
  2. Ted gonna miss the pig, :'(, You were my friend and buisness partner. Well you have fun out there piggeh!
  3. Alright see you in two weeks for next one. :D
  4. Didn't know you to well, but still sad to see you go. :/
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  5. Sad To Lose Such a important Member of EMC but When you lose one we will always gain another. To Keep Things In Balance.

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  6. Dang... I return and you all leave? :/
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  7. I'm really going to miss you. :( Good luck with life. I hope everything goes well for you.
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  9. well, sad to see you go pig, i guess alot of people are leaving, anyway, thanks for all the memorys
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  10. Okay.
  11. Another awesome person, gone.
  12. Please watch your language. This second time I've had tell you to watch it.
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  13. You may fix my post.

    When was the last time you checked the wiki...

    5. Do Not Use Excessively Foul Language
    Be careful of what you type into the Chat or onto signs. The Empire is a public place for all people of all ages. It's not the place for foul language. Save it for private messages with your friends.

    The use of mild language like "crap," "SHIT" and "damn" IS ALLOWED in moderation, as subject to Staff's approval.

    Even censored or abbreviated foul language is not allowed.

    The use of any words with abusive intent is never accepted. Over-use of these words can be considered spamming.

    EDIT: Sorry for hijacking your thread, piggeh :(
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  14. Don't worry about the hijack, I actually agree with what's stated above. I didn't see what you said on the thread, but in my opinion, damn, shit, crap, ass, and hell are fine to use, but in moderation.

    Everything, and I mean everything, will contain foul language.

    I've even seen moderators say what I posted above^ *But in moderation*
  15. Oh look! What have I found here!
  16. If this is it for you, bye Mr Piggy! Otherwise, see you later Mr Piggy!
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  17. Srry piggeh, il get off ur thread nao