Goodbye Empire Minecraft :(

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  1. After spending over a month and a half building up and gathering my supplies including 22 diamond 10 stacks of iron a stack of obsidian a stack of gold and a 4 layer superb xp farm and mob grinder I came back today to find this

    This is where all 10 of my chests were and my state-of-the-art enchanting layout.
    It may not seem so bad but realize again that this took almost 2 months to make. That it 50 days for you that are to lazy to calculate. This greifing has absolutely crushed me. Me and my friend are devastated by the damage done. It would not be so bad if we had ANY supplies left but the griefer took them all. Evidence that he was using an X-ray texture pack is that he found my hidden chest buried deep underground and took all my most valuable things. I am saying goodbye to the Empire minecraft community. These are my sentiments.
    Justinguy- Thanks for being so cool and promoting the videos that I made for this server. I might stay and finish up some of my videos for the server. (I wish that there was some sort of rollback that you could do but I realize that that is impossible.)
    Jeremy- Never really talked to you but you seemed to be a great admin as well.
    Maxerias- Not quite sure if that is how you spell your name but you were friendly to me and gave me a tour of your house and cool people trap.
    ISmooch- I loved reading your comics and you were always ready to help a member in need.
    Aikar- Thanks again for helping me make that last video. It was probably during the time that I was being griefed though...
    Green-Mystery- Thanks for being a mystery :D
    Pthagaard- You helped me a lot as well. In making videos and being a good friend. Thanks for all the help.
    Alex626av- I know this affected you as well because they took all of your things as well.
    Anyone who watched my videos or helped me in my creations
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  2. We will snuff out and A-bomb the guy who did this to you. It may not be today, but soon. Oh it will be soon.
  3. May I ask why you didn't lock any of your chests or your enchanting table? For the price of a good pickaxe (which I'm sure you could crank out with that grinder) all your stuff would still be there.

    I'm not saying that any of this is your fault. You and your friend are clearly the victims here, but instead of burying chests in the ground, I would have just locked them.
  4. The 1000 rupee price was a bit stiff. + we were 1500 blocks out over an ocean from the western outpost. I didn't think griefing was much of a problem. This guy did this on purpose. He had it out for me.
  5. I wouldn't write off the Empire just yet. Take awhile to cool off. If you need anything I can help you out. Margaritte is right "We should lock our chest". Help is always a post away.
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  6. This is sad to see... I hate cheaters/griefers.. regardless of your decision to stay or not, I will promise the same as GM, the crook will eventually be caught. You can not get away for ever. But you obviously have a group of people who are willing to help you get back on track, if you wish to leave for a while and cool off and then return. But ultimately the decision is yours.
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  7. 1500? Sorry for your loss but Heck man..... I don't even start to look for spawners unless I'm 10,000 blocks out. That is the method I have used since I had my 1st spawner griefed two weeks after I made it and it was about 2000 blocks out then!

    Let me know what smp you want to stay on and I'll donate some good stuff to help y'all get back on track. ;)

    You know I bet they (griefers) are using a flying mod too. Too much damage over a wide area to not be. Remember they are LAZY and do not work too hard at anything including the griefing. :rolleyes:
  8. No offense though, but flattery most likely won't help your cause and will not get you a faster solution. My condolences go out to you though as a fellow victim of greifers.
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  9. They also struggle morally in real life. I feel sorry for people like this.
  10. This is why I'm wondering why there's no logblock plugin?

    You can even disable blocklogs and make it so it only logs chests.
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  11. logblock would be amazing. my server has it, and it works amazingly because when something happens it is sooooo easy to find out who is the one that lied and ban them.
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  12. Well i hope you stay but if not,cya :(
  13. How large is your server, though? Such a feature on a large server with lots of players would quickly take up all the resources the server has and the game would start lagging like crazy (e.g. it would take many seconds from when you destroyed a block until it was actually removed)
  14. I know right? It might not be easy to set up for all these servers and word but still.
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  15. This is sad but I guess that everywhere in life no matter where it is there is always someone wanting to ruin it for you. I wish things like this never happens, of you want some diamonds I have like two stacks so I can sspare you some :)
  16. it's very small mostly for just me and my friends to play together. i wouldn't even call it anything public, someone i like and or is my friend i would let play. as long as they didn't do any bad things. like my best friend, doesn't like to do anything but build navy ships. LOL
  17. but logblock is a very amazing tool. very amazing.
  18. I agree that logblock is amazing, but as stated, putting it on EMC would be like killing EMC. It wouldn't be fun to play on anymore due to the horrible lag it would provide due to our size.
  19. Frodo.... I am sad to see you go.