Goodbye EMC?

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Would you miss me if I left?

Yes 60 vote(s) 87.0%
No 9 vote(s) 13.0%
Why would I? I hate you! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. School starts tomorrow, my computer is on the verge of death, and the community is terrible. It's full of people posting the 'How 'bout no' bear and everybody is telling me to unclaim my res. I'm just not feeling the EMC magic anymore.
    So i'm debating whether or not I should leave.
  2. But, but, but The Tomato King likes you! He doesn't want you to leave :(
  3. Theres a nice /ignore command for those annoying people, besides, why leave when you got tons of other friends all over EMC! ( The majority of EMC is your friend) :D
  4. We all know we're in a crisis...
    But know how we will survive?

    We will make the awesome players stop leaving.
    You're one of them, so I'm going to make you not leave :mad:

    You're one of my best friends on EMC, I have already lost most of them, I don't want to lose you :(
  5. Agreed.
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  6. Another one bites the dust.... :(
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  7. Do what I did: Take a week or so long brake then come back, fresh, and claim a new res on smp1 (nicest community). :)
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  8. smp4 isn't that bad. It's usually silent. Lol
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  10. SMP4 FTW!! When I come online and go "Hi!!" i get "Hi nfell!! :D I LOVE YOU!! <3" So you should join us ;)
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  11. i know you are not on the server im on (smp9) but dont leave come join a different smp if the people you are currently on are annoying you and saying that you should unclaim your residence . im not sure if you can but if u can collect everything from your res exept junk like dirt and get it to a different smp why not come to smp9 its freindly there...yeh theres the occaisional argument but its a very frendly place
  12. well you ARE awesome nfell :p so yeh people do love you ( <3 :p )
    EDIT:eek:k sorry i might have just bumped the thread
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  13. I would agree with Eclipsys about the /ignore, it is a very useful tool for dealing with those annoyances. I'd also suggest getting through your first week back at school without MineCraft of any sorts and getting used to socialising again. If after that time you want to come back to us then we're all here waiting and a change of server never hurts if you still find SMP3 not to your liking.
  14. ... insert bear meme here :p jk

    But really, just make some priorities. Reducing game time is going to be so much easier than quitting.
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  15. That is the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me.

    I've decided I won't leave but what's left of my computer's lifetime will determine that for me.
  16. Please stay more on topic....

    This wasn't about if he should switch SMP or not, if about he should leave or not.
    Sure, if he doesn't like SMP3, let him move!
    But, before you try to steal him to your Home Server, How about making him stay on EMC first?
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  17. I'm the happiest 12-year old ever :D
    Not quite sure how well minecraft will run on it though :p
    It is very cheap however and easy to setup! :)
  19. Thanks your awesome too :D
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  20. Holy IcC! Shaunwhite1982 liked my post :D i think i may faint
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