Good Job EMC!

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  1. Complementary to the EMC Community Appreciation,
    I'd like to share what I like about EMC,
    what EMC does good - and there's a lot!
    Thank you EMC!

    Here's what I think of first:

    * Quite many quality players making the spirit of the community
    * Keeping up manners and civilized communication
    * Stable service, high uptime
    * Good basic rules
    * Good Terms of Service
    * Active maintenance and programming
    * Active moderators, willing to help
    * Very nice additional features - teleports, protection system, shops, ...
    * Stable, nice forum, quite easy to use
    * Quite high freedom of thought and expressing opinion :)

    What do you think?
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  4. Threads like this should be higher than AMA's and giveaways in the discussion - bump. :)
  5. You could also say we have a diverse and multicultral community, all from different countries and backgrounds! :) We also have players from all sorts of different ages ranging from about 10-60+