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  1. Good Bye staff im leaving Empire Minecraft the site for sure! Be cause almost evercomment has been mean and negative. :-(

    I might not leave the actual game but if it happens on smp9 im leaving.
    I will only look at thi thread and votes from now on Good Bye.
  2. Most of the people replying to your thread (About Me) Was warnings as to not breaking the rules. I don't want people to leave but yet people get mad at corrections. Sorry to see you leave.
  3. Its not corrections that im mad about im happy about that acctully but on some others
  4. I'd say EMC is honest, but isn't mean or negative. Sometimes people will make comments you disagree with. That's how good ideas are created. :)
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  5. Creeper, I think that you just need some time to get used to this server. Read up on the forums and see what we are really like.
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  6. Some people are like that, that's your decision to ignore it or not.
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  7. yea just there mean
  8. yea just there mean
    are you mean?
  9. We're all trying to help you mate, sorry you feel that way. If you need any help in anything then feel free to PM me!
  10. Creeper, Get used to this server, Ignore the bad people in your life. Hope you stay as this server actually is a great community! It rocks!
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  11. Personally, this server is great! I have to admit that I have had people make disagreements but that is just life, you have to get used to it. Im sorry to see you leave.
  12. k
  13. EMC is a great server, just be careful about what you post and be wise about what you post, you wanted input on if there should be an application for creative, you wanted the Forums input on it and we gave it.

    But EMC, once you get used to how it works [ I notice your 11 days old on EMC ], is very fun :).
  14. I think all that everyone tried to do is stare the truth. We tried reassuring you about it, but the truth is honestly the only thing that is true (I know, I'm horrible at being poetic and deep). But, quite simply, I don't see the need to leave. :) You've just got to regulate yourself to the ups and downs of the community, and what prople think is a good idea VS a bad idea.
  15. Ok, my turn....

    I seriously think you should give it a second chance. People don't hate you, people aren't trying to be mean to you. All that happened is that you got off on a bad start. Trust me: I know its not fun to get negative comments about the things you suggest, but please stop a moment and try to look at this from another angle: it is also important to do some research before you make certain suggestions. Note that I'm not saying you didn't, but it looked that way.

    For example... your suggestion about getting unlimited resources. People disliked that, but because of two reasons. First the ones stated in that thread (which got closed, so lets not go there). I don't think people were trying to be mean here but try to look at this from another angle (here I go again ;)): you also started a thread where you asked for donations. If you add the two up then it almost looks as if you simply made that suggestion in an attempt to get more resources. It doesn't even have to be true, but it did look that way. And some people simply don't like that, so they'll react.

    But you really need to keep one thing in mind: don't take those comments personal. I'm positive that if you simply give it your best that most people who were negative now will have no problems with trying to help you out later (I actually know some of those guys and trust me: they're not out to get you).

    The other reason, or so I think, is that we actually have something like this. Meet the EMC teams. Those are basically a group of volunteers who try to help make EMC even better than it already is. The mentioned Build team are people who actually have access to Creative mode so that they can help make cool buildings for the Empire. However, obviously strictly regulated :D They can't use that to quickly get themselves, say, a stack of gold blocks and then start selling those.

    So yah... We all make mistakes, sometimes more heavy than the other. It happens. My 2 cents: shrug it off, get a good night sleep and try again tomorrow. I know it sounds clich├ęd but. If at first you don't succeed... (...bribe senior staff to do it for you! :D).

    Errr, I have no idea where that came from :p

    So yah... Here's a belated Welcome to the Empire for you.

    My advise... Focus on getting a nice house for now. Get resources in the wastelands and try to build something on your residence. Chat in town chat to get to know some of the others. And once you did you can always try again on the forums.

    No, we're not trying to be mean to you. But... We do reserve the right to tell you if we don't like something. And yah, we all do that in other ways.

    Here's hoping to see you online someday...
  16. Hope you don't leave. :(
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  17. Were not mean, but a lot of people sometimes try too hard to correct people so it might come across as mean, but that is not how they mean to sound.
  18. yea we straitened it out thx
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