Gold supporters allowed TnT use in Wastelands?

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by FatAndyTheGreat, May 19, 2013.

  1. Comeon, you know it sounds like a good idea.
  2. Don't see why not, lol. :p
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  3. Sure. But why would anyone need to use TNT in the wastelands anyway?
  4. Fun! :D
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  5. "Fun"
  6. Yes i like fun
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  7. Ever heard Plankton's song at Spongebob?
    "F" is for Fire that burns down the whole town.
    "U" is for URANIUM...BOMBS!
    "N" is for No survivors when you're **Spongebob interrupts**
  8. And then spongebob sings the second part.
    "F" is for Frolicking through all the flowers
    "U" is for Ukeleles
    "N" is for Nosepicking, sharing gum, and sandlicking here with my best budddieeee
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  9. Yes, it would be fun. I don't really play alot of single player. And this is really the only server i play on regularly so it would be nice if there was somewhere to play with TnT. Griefing shouldn't be a problem because no one should be building anything permanent in the wastes anyway. So, yeah.
  10. I agree. It wouldn't really hurt.
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  11. I don't think it matters that there would be "nothing to grief".
    TNT isn't restricted to only Diamond Supporters purely because things might get griefed.
    By saying that, you are saying that regular members should have it even on their own plots in town, because there's nothing to grief there is there now?
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  12. I don't understand? How does it not matter? When did i say anything about non-supporters? When did i say anything about TnT on residences in town? Why you puttin' words in my mouth bro?
  13. *ahem*
    By that logic, you are saying it should be allowed in town, because there is nothing to be griefed.
  14. well I am not bothered who uses it, I just sell at 13131 smp6 redstone teleport will take you there :p
  15. Advertising? come on now...
    At least make a thread about it, (which I know that you have done)
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  16. LOL where did you learn to logic?
  17. Fine then, because you fail at logic, so must I...
    Then I ask you this, what is your reason behind this? Why do you think that Gold Supporters should have such access to TNT?
  18. Why not?
  19. TNT is a Diamond Supporter only item.
    Any other reasons you can come up with?
  20. Duh...
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