Gold farming the right way V2

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  1. So people have been asking how I was getting so much XP. Well here is the BIG reveal. A new gold farm design to get GOLD and XP. Totally not joking I'm currently at Level 543 ingame.

    So with the help of a few friends I made a video you can all watch and see for yourself.
    The farm uses about 16k Obsidian blocks and 10k building blocks. To help you with your obsidian endeavors we made it easy for you to get obsidian at the following reses.

    **Unlike a certain Mall we encourage BULK BUYING**
    9057 -BigGoldPyramid 3 (13 DCs)
    8014 - ChristopherJay 3 (8 DCs)
    16008 - Roslyn 5 (7 DCs)
    18909 - Rex1o (6 DCs)

    Schematic can be downloaded at this address.
    All gold blocks in schematic are building blocks.
    All snow blocks are blocks that do not need to be placed.
    World download: Click here
  2. #MassiveShoutOutToMyTeamSpeakPeeps
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  3. I have one very similar to this, it works well.
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  4. How many portals does the farm have?
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  5. Does it matter when you have the schematic available and working proof that it works on emc.
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  6. This must be the source of all smp4 lag :p
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  7. Awesome! I was thinking about a design similar to this, but this is the perfect form right before my eyes ;). Thanks taking away the hours of design testing I was about to do! You guys are the best.
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  8. Jokes on you its on smp6
  9. Ikr
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  10. You traitor :p
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  11. Aww does it HAVE to be schematic? Also, i might try building it...i think ._.
  12. He just putted the world download :)
    (Made by me)
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  13. World download: Link here
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  15. Can this be run by one person?
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  16. das me on the left ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  17. If you are not interested in the XP you can just afk in the agro station.
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  18. That is totally sweet. A must have! I guess I better start saving up obsidian lol
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  19. You can buy it from one of the shops listed ;)
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  20. awe yeah
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