Gold Farm Wild Project and City help! The Project.

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  1. Hello all it's samsimx! Some of you may know me or have seen me on one of the servers asking about a gold farm, sorry if I was annoying you!
    But if you know how to build a gold farm or would be interested in being apart of building a gold farm please comment or pm!


    -Be a supporter ( This will be built in the wild so you will need to be /map hide to help build/afk there, but if not still let me know if you can help
    - Can't tell people location if they are not apart of the project.
    - I will want to build a wild base around this idea(obviously in overworld) and there can be an iron farm and other mob farms.

    If you can't help Donate?
    List of Materials:
    - 15 stacks of sticky pistons
    -15 stacks of redstone repeaters
    - 2 Double chests of Stone
    - Efficiency II or above pickaxes
    - Rails / Powered Rails
    - If you don't have any of the stuff above, if you have the stuff to make them it'd help a lot to donate!
    Donate at 15061 im setting up chests :D
    What I want this for
    This is being built to eventually become a public/ semi-public area where people can farm resources and materials safely in the wild so please help :D

  2. #Supportersrtoomainstream
  3. I only want supporters to build it so it cant get griefed in the process :p
  4. But, you cant access the utopia wild if you are iron. Right?
  5. I plan on upgrading if i get enough people who can help
  6. This sounds cool.... But making it on utopia is restricting many people from helping you
  7. I said id like to build it on Utopia but ill build it on any server except Smp5,6, & 7 xD
  8. youo should do it on smp8 and i could get 1 DC of stone for you
  9. I'll help!! I've been looking for someone to do this with.
  10. Good to know :D
  11. 333kirby want to help me get two DC of stone? we each can get one DC of stone
  12. I cant do it on Smp8 actually, I like talking to people in town :p
  13. k i cant help if it is on smp3 but it is up to you i am far out in wild doing a big proect in unexplored land
  14. ^ignore the k part^
  15. Its not on smp3 i was thinking smp8 actually or smp9
  16. but i sugested 8 and you said you cant you like talking to people on it
  17. Yes ive changed my mind
  18. Huge project that I hope is being working on... Right? XD
  19. I don't think people would stalk you via the Live Map just so they could find your gold farm and grief it. If they finished the tutorial, they know it won't be allowed. They would have to find your farm, hide there, and wait for everyone there to leave so they could grief it unnoticed. It's too much work for them and it's otherwise not worth it to prevent regular players from coming.

    I'll give you ice so you can have water in the nether.