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  1. Vandalise nearly any website! It's a cool little Javascript program that you put in you're bookmarks, run it and then you can draw on nearly any website (Doesn't work on sites with https)- It's stored in Goggles servers so if someone else goes to that site and runs the program it'll automatically show everything they've drawn

    I'm already getting to work on EMC! :)


    (Quick warning - Some people might draw offensive images on certain sites)
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  2. Pie Cat. Much better.
  3. Seen this before lol,
    ps. goggle this page
  4. We've all been hard at work destroying the site! :D

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  6. Whoever drew that addition to my profile pic,
    love ya lol
  7. Lol. Some members profiles seem to have been hit.
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  8. aww, I like mine lol
  9. A successful strike has been hit on Aikars profile! He's exposed!

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  10. That would have been me.
  11. Yeah
  12. Drag the thing surrounded in grey

    To you're bookmarks bar, You might need to go into google chromes settings and under "Appearance" Click "Always show bookmark bar" to true so it can be used.
  13. Yeah i will do that, i worked on that site but not others. I was the one who wrote fudge lol :p
  14. someone erased the blob over chin, how?
  15. Just worked it out... right click erases.
  16. Right mouse button :)
  17. Works now :p