GoFundMe Campaign - Help Twitch1 get home to his Family for Christmas!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Twitch1, Nov 14, 2013.

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  1. I am reaching out to anyone who may be able to help, no matter how small the contribution...
    I haven't seen my family in over 2 years and I really want to surprise them by making it home for the month of December...

    Here is the link:

    I will provide photos of the trip, if requested. I just hope that I can get the assistance I need. I would give anything to be with them this year. I can't wait until next December to spend in-person time with my family, which unfortunately without outside help, will be the first available time for me...
  2. I will donate 50 bucks. I will spread the word. I have a few dollars from baby sitting that I will try to convince my parents to let me do it. Let's make this a belated present for Veterans day. Good luck
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  3. Hmmm... helping one person.... or helping a country...
  4. Neither. This is a person who helped our country more than you know.
  5. So you are saying I should not donate...
  6. I am saying you should since he helped us and he deserves help.
  7. Ok, the only problem is I have no money ):
  8. Bump for Twitch!
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  9. Thank you very much Olaf_C. It means a lot to me. I was already getting discouraged when my family couldn't do anything to help me out beyond sharing my campaign on Facebook...

    I know it is going to be a slow moving process and it is a short window... Any support, be it by way of sharing and exposure or monetary donation is a step forward.

    My wife is unaware that I have done this as her computer is broken, oh well, bigger surprise when I show up at the airport and call her. ;)

    Thank you as well Dj__Krazy and DemonThunder345. Everything helps a bit. :)
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  10. I apologize as I'm not in a position where I can help you out on the monetary side. However, I do have 2,500+ posts so uh..

    Welcome to my signature.
  11. Wait so why can't you see your family? Your go fund me post was kinda confusing :p
  12. What is meant by "Unofficial Passport"?
  13. twitch, i listen to klove, and they are currently holding a contest, i am not sure if they have finished it or if it is still going.. but you submit your story, where you want to go and so on and they will fully fund the person who wins to go see whoever they haven't seen for the holidays. i dunno if that would interest you but i figured i'd let you know anyway! go to klove.com and i'm sure you'll find a link on their front page or something. :)

    i so hope you're able to go! :)
  14. I am having more cash flow soon so i will try to donate another 300+. I will try to get you the 50 as soon as possible. and it makes me sad to imagine someone without being with their family for christmas. God bless you.
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  15. 2k posts coming up. :) welcome to my signature as well.
  16. 1,500 Dollars.
    Good luck.
  17. Ditto.
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  18. Lets make sure that no one begs/harasses their parents for help in donations, ok? Many of you probably remember Bob's thread related to donations, and we don't want concerned parents contacting IcC again. If you can't directly send your own money, then please share it on your social media accounts. :)
  19. I donated what I could for the time being. I also shared the page so hopefully we will get more donations for you.
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