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  1. Um well be doing a giveaway for my grand opening

    Plz post in the thread your favorite prizes for a skin comp
    Make sure ya post !!!
    Ill give away promos
    support vochers and other stuff
  2. I'm pretty sure this isn't allowed...
  3. I still liked it XD
  4. I don't think there is a rule against it
  5. ahh I see whats wrong @TigerstarMC . You must list the prizes @Haiileyy6 or this counts as illegal
  6. Irrelevant stuff:
    This is illegal:
    Please re-read the forum rules: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/forum-specific-rules/
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  7. I liked it, but like PenguinDJ said, gaining likes this way isn't allowed. It bloats up your amount of "likes" and makes it seem like you're more popular/well-known than you really are =P

    EDIT: instead of asking for likes, ask for people to post in this thread. That's allowed.
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  8. Im so Sorry don't report me im just a new member
  9. Reported thread, not you
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  10. Thanks for telling me!! =D

  11. good thing i changed it or i would of got in trouble
  12. Ok, thats better I apply
  13. yep now i know all my rules on the forums
  14. promos and RUPEES!!
  15. Seems like a good idea :) But I'm a little confuzzled on what is even going on :confused: Mind explaining? :D
  16. I'm pretty sure this is illegal....like what Tigerstarmc and PenguinDJ said
  17. It's been changed, so it okay now.
  18. ok good :)
  19. My favorite prizes are diamonds and promos.
    Lots of promos.
  20. Many promos. *eye twitch* :rolleyes: