[ GIVEAWAY ] SMP7 Zombie Grinder!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by hoi, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. I have used this thing since I started playing EMC. Its well hidden also, about 3k blocks out. Ermm... Theirs and enchanting room there, loads of random chests with minerals and such. Theres a big cave on the way to it, and slimes spawn there occasionaly. So, I have decided to give it away.

    Why give it away you ask?
    I wanted to give it away so someone could get enough uses out of it as I did.

    Are you trolling us?
    No, not this time.

    Will you show me to it if I win?
    Totally, I will show it to you as many times as you want. :)

    Does anybody else know about the grinder?
    2 people, but I told them to stay away. ( The builder and one of my friends ). The builder doesn't come on anymore so no worries my friends. :)

    1. DosRNice
    2. JackBiggin2
    3. Biscuitboy5396
    4. TerryDaTerrorist
    5. Lameidl
    6. Gap542
    7. Mikeguy2225
    8. Pab10S
    9. YOU12MAEC
    10. Diamond_viper11
    11. Chickeneer
    12. Killerbyte12
    13. KingofKraft13
    14. Gnyctk
    15. IamSaj
    16. Nole972
    17. Amazin_Swordfish
    18. Torian42
    19. BobTheTomato9798
    20. CreppaNinga235
    21. Ninjaboy5656
    22. PAVI259
    23. xoluss
    24. Alex09
    25. Pengw7n
    26. Qwerty189
    27. Orlandont
    28. Pumpkyn
    29. Pat2011
    30. WolfThunderblade
    31. Charip
    32. TheSpyPie
    33. Penfoldx
    34. SpareToaster
    35. RepublicKnight
    36. Coffe_bullet
    37. oidgod
    38. ImParanoid
    39. Cam14868674
    40. Equinox_Boss
    42. Yankees518

    ( yes I skipped 41, but who cares. :p )
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  2. Is it a raffle? If so spot 7 please. If it is a shared thing spot 7 anyways please.
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  3. Do I have to pick a number? I choose 7.
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  4. I'd love it if my name appeared under 2 on that list. :)
  5. Yes, its a raffle. You can only pick ONE number. No alt accounts please.
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  6. All your alts are starting to confuse me. JackBiggin, 2...
  7. Oh,Wow.I lose the spot for fixing a typo T.T
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  8. Change your number, it has already been picked :)
  9. ... 6?
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  10. The Tomato wants 19!
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  11. Thank you for saying please, 100 free rupees for you. :)
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  12. Wow 100 rupees :) thirteen really is my lucky number ;)
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  13. I said please... :(
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  14. If a Non-Supporter wins dont say the winner name pm them :D lol
  15. My plz was alot cooler looking lol jk
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