[GIVEAWAY] Smp5 day!

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by fBuilderS, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Brought to you by HF Industries and Support 5!

    Happy birthday to smp5! Been 4 years now, but lets get straight onto the giveaway :D

    To enter you must be an smp5 resident, feel free to pause the video and claim your residences =P To enter post a screenshot {How to upload images} of your favourite part of smp5. It can be the spawn, your favourite residence, a player or even something in the frontier/waste. The giveaway ends at 11:59pm any entries after that will not be included and you may still be charged 0r. At some point tomorrow I will check everyone who has entered has a res on 5 and then I will draw names on random.org {please do not request for a number, I will leave you out the giveaway}. Feel free to donate anything to the prize pool:

    There will be 8 winners... The person who comes in 1st receives my head and then picks 4 'slots' of the chest which contain items, they will receive these items. 2nd then does this etc.
  2. Bump
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  3. Fine, you don't have to post a screenshot. You guys make my cry sometimes :p Just post something smp5 related
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  4. Can I not be a resident =P
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  5. No, you must be a resident. I like you ESSELEM, but sorry. You could move to 5 and be our newbie. That means you have to fetch us things. But it would be worth it.

    Something smp5 related. Posted. What do I win?
  6. I'm packing my bags and moving! Time to use that shiny diamond sup voucher
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  7. I uh love the minecart at shavingfoam's shop. I think you know I have a res on smp5. I like my 3 reses.
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  8. You know what they say. Live on five, make you feel alive. You can take that to the bank.
  9. smp5 is the 5th server on EMC! (That's 5 related)

    I like 5 the best because I can count it using my 1 hand. Plus 5 is the universal number for V and V means Valentines day which if you add the numbers together (1+4) equalz 5.

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  10. Dude, that is really deep.
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  11. Literally. I wrote while on bedrock.
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  12. My favorite thing about smp5 is that fbuilders lives there. Free prizes now?
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  13. Extended for a day to let other get in
  14. Betcha can't guess where this is fin :D

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  15. Oh gosh, smp3 spawn right?
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  16. Its bootiful enough to be so ;)
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    1. god_of_gods
    2. Crazy_TJ
    3. ThaKloned
    4. Keliris
    5. Doofni
    Please request what you want on this thread, god_of_gods starting first
  17. Ma res!!!!!! xD
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  18. I'm a bit late, but I didn't want a prize anyways... I just wanted to take the opportunity to say what great friends I have and to thank them. TJ and Wolf should also be on this picture, but he wasn't online. So TJ consider yourself included. Especially to Builder, yer deh best =]

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  19. I get your head? That is the best gift. And I guess a stack of sea lanterns. Thanks.