[GIVEAWAY] Rupees Goal Reached!

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  1. Well everyone, today i have met my rupees goal! I'm proud to say that I now have 1000 rupees, and I'm giving it all away! There is only one prize, so you're a lucky duck if you win! The drawing will be in 1 week, so get your numbers in!!

    PRIZE: EMC Promo Horse (speed)

    1. AnonymousEntity
    2. Dj__Krazy
    3. porphos
    4. Sweetie_Pie
    5. CoDe4RiDeR
    6. bradox11
    7. xHaro_Der
    8. generalfelino015
    9. Panda_Paradise
    10. princebee
    11. Qwerty189
    12. TomvanWijnen
    13. RunningRhino
    14. MVPworldseries
    15. WolfThunderblade
    16. boozles628
    17. goofballbroker
    18. jacob5089
    19. Lukas3226
    20. Kev20022
    21. honam1021
    22. DragonFlame356
    23. Petero555
    24. MVPdrose
    25. darksuperlord
    26. hashhog3000
    27. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    28. Richard4861
    29. Shon14
    30. Dojodo
    31. MasterMockery
    34. AliceF3
    36. Gadget_AD
    37. TheMinner333
    38. cheesehead88
  2. 3 plz
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  3. 6 please :) glad you reached your goal!
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  4. 3 numbers left!! Who will win?????
  5. 4 please!

    and congratulations! :D
  6. And congratz! :p
  7. Me of course.:rolleyes:
  8. I'll pick number one ( #1 ) please. If that's okay of course, I don't even know you either but I could put that money to good use.

    If I end up winning, awesome. Congratulations to the winner, ahead of time of course. :)

    Also, congratulations on accomplishing your goal, it's always rewarding to achieve, and definitely generous of you to be giving it away. :p
  9. you have to pick 1 its the only one left.
  10. 11 please? *insert pleading smile*
  11. 1k was your goal? you can get that in one day just by voting....
  12. It doesn't matter how small or big the goal was, or is. It's that he had a goal, and he achieved his goal. Possibly, with hard work and labor too. Instead of gaining 1,000 rupees for free. He possibly went out and earned his money, and now he's kind enough to give it away. :)
  13. Also, your comment kind of implies the greedy side of the humans nature. Because you aren't satisfied obviously with the amount presented. :rolleyes:
  14. Why did you quote yourself?