[GIVEAWAY] My EMC 3rd Bday!

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Who will win the Australian Open?

Djokovic 9 vote(s) 20.9%
Nadal 12 vote(s) 27.9%
Federer 10 vote(s) 23.3%
Nishikori 2 vote(s) 4.7%
Murray 3 vote(s) 7.0%
Other 7 vote(s) 16.3%
  1. I don't have a "lucky" number so I guess I'll take 61 if it's not taken. My favorite sport is soccer!! Yay
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  2. 5, basketball
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  3. My lucky number is 21, and my favorite sport is football. Thanks for the giveaway =D
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  4. This is awesome, thanks! My lucky number is also 21 (as with Salmatic above :p). My favourite sport is one that is sometimes debated as a proper "sport" but I'd still class it as one, which is motorsport - rallying in particular! :)
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  5. Grats! Lucky number is 6, and sport is golf. :)
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  6. congrats ill take 13 please:)
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  7. Gratz! You're becoming an oldie!

    My number would have to be 77 because 7 is healthy (an inside joke with a group of friends).
    My favourite sport is now football. But, I do enjoy long distance running and sprinting. I absolutely love parkour. Planning on working on my landing whilst, I guess you could say, parkour-ing.
  8. 68 please ":) My favorite sport to play is tennis, watch none.
    edit mistyped
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  9. I know you want to choose your lucky number, but I think BuddaJulez wants you to choose a number to be assigned in the drawing, and for that it should be unique, so not as with Salmatic above ;)
    (by the way, what do you think of my lucky number? (other than 607, of course))
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  10. mmm...15, skiing
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  11. 80 pls
    My favorite sport is football
    I'm a linemen
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  12. Congratz on your 3rd year :)
    My favorite sport is sailing which I used to go each weekend in the sommer :)
    I would like to take number 26
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  13. CONGRATZ on ur third year.
    My favorite sport is hockey.
    I'd like 47 please.
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  14. Happy 3rd birthday! I'll have 9 please, and my favorite sport has to be either boxing or softball.
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  15. 6. my favourite sports are Baseball, Tennis and Curling. Happy Birthday :|
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  16. can more than one person have the same number?
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  17. From what I gather, your picking a number thats open in his list. Which as this goes on means checking through the thread....but maybe they'll allocate the next closest?
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  18. He said lucky number, not choose a number for the list, he can put me wherever on the list closest to my lucky number if that's the way he is doing it :)

    The lucky number you chose seemed to be rather large and I'm not quite sure how you recall and recite that number as your lucky one when people ask you for it! That's if you weren't joking, that is... :p
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  19. 74 Please, I like accounting, Congratz on 3 years
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  20. Good times. Congrats! how about 22, if not you can adjust it to what is close and open. For sports, Skimboarding and surfing.
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