(Giveaway!) Legit's birthday!

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  1. Hello ladies and germs, and welcome to my giveaway! As today is my birthday, I though, why not do a giveaway? Well, why not, so here it is! The winner of this giveaway will have me, to go out into the wild, (except on SMP2/SMP3/SMP9, sorry, busy on those) and build you, one single Zombie or Skeleton grinder! BUT, you must have a spawner ready, so that's you're gift to me, not making me do everything. :p The winner will be announced on Wednesday at some time during the day or night. Now please, pick a number!

    1. Creeper655
    2. Yankees518
    3. Catwarrior7
    4. RedWing2000
    5. Gap542
    6. Luckas3226
    7. Jay2a
    8. Daxtar9133
    9. Facu12301
    10. PrinceBee
    11. Tomvanwijnen
    12. PirateOFDW
    13. Just_s0_Pro
    14. Thetrufflehunter
    15. 333Kirby
    16. HylianNinja
    17. Plasma313
    18. Nick_godoy
    19. Penfoldex
    20. Podkid7

    If you DON'T have a spawner, or just not a wild person, don't worry, I got you covered! For you people, you will get a free random enchanted item!
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  2. I can't take a number (i haven't found anny spawner :() but happy birthday!!!!!!
  3. Updated OP for those who don't have a spawner.
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  4. Would I be allowed to include public spawners you know of already? Or could I include secret spawners that belong to you?
  5. 7, and happy birthday!
  6. Daaang they are on utopia
  7. 19 please! Happy Birthday!
  8. 1 Please, and Happy Birthday, Mines coming soon, How old are you now then?
  9. Happy Birthday :)
    (11, pleaz? :p)
  10. Ok then i take 14 ;)
  11. What do you mean?
  12. I had a skellie spawner at my old wild base on smp5..I now live somewhere else, thinking I would never need it again :(
  13. 13 please. I have a nice and easy single zombie spawner on utopia for you. =)
  14. Except i'm not gold/diamond.
  15. He is not a supporter... Edit: ninja'd
  16. Can I give you an LLO Spawner or your spawner I found?