[Giveaway] January Giveaway!

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  1. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years! It's that time again.. Giveaway time!!

    This month I saved up some great prizes. All the info is below

    The Details

    Closing Date: January 31, 2016 at 11:59 PM.
    Drawing Date: February 1, 2016. (When I get a chance :p)

    To Enter: Simply post a comment and tell us what one of your goals for this year is. Can be anything. In game or real life! This is required in order to enter so be creative :p

    One entry per person. (Please no alts)


    1 Full Blizz Ard Set (Nose, Eye & Arm) *One Winner
    Turkey Slicer (Turkey Drop Version)
    Momentus Toothpick
    2016 New Years Aikar Head
    2015 Avalaucher
    2015 New Years Firework

    All Items are unsed. Prizes can be viewed at Utopia /v 5775@pickup

    43. BanditLM - 1 Full Blizz Ard Set (Nose, Eye & Arm)
    65. luckycordel - Turkey Slicer (Turkey Drop Version)
    23. iamfuturetrunks - Momentus Toothpick
    63. FunGem - 2016 New Years Aikar Head
    69. GeistKitsune - 2015 Avalaucher
    42. lottie1664 - 2015 New Years Firework

    Good luck to everyone!

    1. BenMA
    2. Agent_Notch
    3. TomvanWijnen
    4. WitherTheRuler
    5. JesseJames_
    6. nltimv
    7. GreenMeanie
    8. padde73
    9. fBuilderS
    10. AnonReturns
    11. FDNY21
    12. Rhythmically
    13. SteamingFire
    14. CowMan18
    15. Kytula
    16. Britishrule77
    17. Keliris
    18. MrsWishes
    19. Polymerized
    20. finch_rocks_1
    21. LuckyPat
    22. Saint_Peanut123
    23. iamfuturetrunks
    24. tuqueque
    25. Dj__Krazy
    26. dshadowx1
    27. crazy_X_gamer
    28. Jelle68
    29. Cuto
    30. Allicanto
    31. MelleTheHundred
    32. LeoV
    33. Computrix
    34. Kold_Ice
    35. OddGamerOut
    36. GeneralWillikers
    37. KJCHAV
    38. Zion_Moyer
    39. DatzMine
    40. ReptilianCat
    41. Arystina
    42. lottie1664
    43. BanditLM
    44. FrozenForger
    45. FoxyRavenger
    46. TromboneSteve
    47. Rhythmicaly
    48. Qkazoochan
    49. SirLoneStar
    50. WolfInAction
    51. mehtryx
    52. CE:confused:f_SSITIS
    53. crafter31211
    54. Mob_Meal
    55. RealTomsmasher
    56. BaadGamer
    57. MonsterKlaw
    58. EmoryCrafts
    59. EQuiPeX
    60. Miss_Peevle
    61. ThisIsShyguy
    62. PinkCaker_Senpai
    63. FunGem
    64. LittleBlueBun
    65. luckycordel
    66. EnderMagic1
    67. Mileymoomin
    68. cj12115
    69. GeistKitsune
    70. PlasmaBanana
    71. Tahitan
    72. Acemox2k
    73. Tiger991
    74. Chizmaro
    75. Ethy202
    76. joe_the_gamer_
    77. Salmatic
    78. xLegitBoss1
    79. Sweetpea490
    80. Magical_Mine
    81. PeculiarPotato
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  2. I want to reach 3 million rupees on EMC by the end of this year. :p
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  3. I want to get the highest grades on my college course!
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  4. I want to go to bed earlier :p

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! :D
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  5. My goal is to finish my storage and build something on my third and fourth reses. Thanks for doing this giveaway.
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  6. To stop writing 2015 on all my papers :l Thank you, Kloned! :)
  7. My goals for EMC in 2016 are to become a Diamond supporter, kill a dragon, make some rubees, and make some friends.
    Goals for the real world. Be happy and have an awesome 2016. =)
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  8. I want to finally finish the Witherripper for once ಠ_ಠ
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  9. In game: To finally establish a base in the Frontier (in progress)

    In real life: Finally getting my drivers license (also in progress )
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  10. Which one is main account?

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  11. Both :]

  12. What is the @pickup)* for?
    Where is the beginning *(?

    My goal for 2016 is not to get pulled into the drama of my peers like I did in 2015.

    I also wish to become a potato
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  13. Changed it to avoid confusion :p Was an extra character in there as well xD
  14. In real life: I want to get good grades and focus a bit more on school:)

    At EMC: Make 2 million at least and help others to achieve their goals as well!

    Thanks Kloned! Awesome giveaway as per usual:p
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  15. Give more stuff away :D
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  16. To get over 70% in my foundation year so I can switch courses next year :)
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  17. I would like to learn to drive this year! :) *which means visit Nony more often ;)*
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  18. I want to finish my head museum >:D
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  19. I want to read my Bible more so I can grow closer to God
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  20. I want to make a quartz business and make 1 mil(and not lose it).
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