[GIVEAWAY] *Free* Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency IV)

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  1. As some of you know, Beaverbeliever and I are having an event tomorrow for the grand opening of our shop, The Bizarre Bazaar! In light of this momentous occasion, we will be hosting a free giveaway for a brand new Diamond Pickaxe with an Efficiency IV enchant!

    20 people can enter this drawing. We will have a random online generator select the winner. The winner will be announced tomorrow at the grand opening event. You must show up to the event at 1:00PM Pacific on Saturday May 19th SMP7 on lot (14010) to receive your reward. If you do not show up, another name will be drawn for the pickaxe, so make sure you are there and on time!

    There will be more fun and games at the event,so I hope to see you there! More information can be found at: Bizarre Bazaar - Grand Opening (Win Diamonds and More!)

    Also, I got the idea for this giveaway from Xandrow, so kudos points to him!:)
    1. --
    2. AlexChance
    3. --
    4. gremlindan
    5. Equinox_Boss
    6. gobstone308
    7. xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    8. Pab10S
    9. --
    10. --
    11. chrisdog943
    12. scratchminus
    13. Frodomann1
    14. daegoo
    15. tclementi1
    16. Nole972
    17. --
    18. lukas3226
    19. --
    20. SOL_HVNTER
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  2. I wish to enter :D My number can be 13.
  3. i enter! frodo, WHY U TAKE ME NUMBRE? ill take 3
  4. Ill join to, 5 if availble
  5. Cause I'm a block.
  6. I want 7! 7 is my baby :)
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  7. I'll take 12. I should be able to make it tomorrow, but I will have friends over to work on a project, so... I'll try to make it. :p
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  8. Alot of love to the OP. I won't enter because i might not be on tomorrow that time haha :)
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  9. ill take 15 if available
  10. whats the time on EASTERN instead of PACIFIC?
  11. Pacific 1:00PM translates to:
    Central 3:00PM
    Eastern 4:00PM
    England 9:00PM
    Australia 8:00AM the next day (Sunday)
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  12. I will take 14.
  13. Thanks!
  14. I wish to enter, number 6 please! I wont be on sorry!
  15. Can you convert 1pm pacific to gamt +10, Thanks! NeverMind!
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  16. Ok, turns out I should most likely be free, so I'll try to make it! :D
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  17. Can I be 2? As in SMP2?
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  18. #1 please good sir.
  19. i'll take 11 if possible
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