Bizarre Bazaar - Grand Opening (Win Diamonds and More!)

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    This Saturday, May 19th at 1:00PM PST (U.S. Pacific) is the grand opening of The Bizarre Bazaar! The shop is located on SMP7 at (14010) and is owned by both Beaverbeliever and me, Mogrimoogle. The doors are currently closed but you are free to look around at the exterior. Accompanying the grand opening will be an event open to anyone on any server, though it will take place on our lot on SMP7. What exactly is this event? It’s a little thing called a surprise and you'll have to come find out what it is for yourself. However, events are no fun without a little friendly competition...

    3rd place: 1 diamond and a 100r gift certificate towards any merchandise in our store!
    2nd place: 2 diamonds and a 200r gift certificate towards any merchandise in our store!
    1st place: 3 diamonds and a 300r gift certificate towards any merchandise in our store!
    (**gift certificates must be used immediately following the competition or it will become void)

    Every participant that finishes will receive a consolation prize. :) If you would not like to compete, there is also the option to spectate. If we get enough attendees, there may also be an option to place bets. ;)

    There's something for everybody! We hope to see you there!
    Viva SMP7!


    Also, we have a special announcement to anyone interested in becoming one of our suppliers:

    You will receive a 1000r signing bonus given that you follow these steps:
    1. Private message either Beaverbeliever or Mogrimoogle in-game to state your intent to become a supplier. We will negotiate a price at which you will sell your product to us.
    2. A chest that only you may sell to will be set up in a designated location on our plot.
    3. You must fill an order of the requested amount of product.
    4. If you are the first to finish the order then you will receive the 1000r signing bonus as well as the privilege of becoming our exclusive supplier. (However, in the future, if for some reason your supply no longer meets demand, more suppliers for your good may be hired)

    These are the goods that we are currently seeking:
    1. Cobblestone (27 stacks)
    2. Stone (27 stacks)
    3. Sand (27 stacks)
    4. Coal/Charcoal(15 stacks)
    5. Obsidian (10 stacks)
    6. Iron(10 stacks)
    7. Gunpowder/Sulphur(4 stacks)
    8. Glowstone(4 stacks)
    9. Diamond(4 stacks)
    10. Logs (27 stacks) *any kind

    Please note that multiple people can intend to become a supplier at once. Whoever delivers the goods first will win the signing bonus. Because of this, I would suggest waiting until you have all 27 stacks before selling to us. Please message either Beaverbeliever or Mogrimoogle to confirm your spot as a potential supplier first.
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  2. Cobblestone, Stone, and Charcoal suppliers have already been found and given their 1000r signing bonus! This deal is going fast, folks!
  3. Review: Working with either of these people is streamlined and pleasant. They are courteous and polite, and fair with working out pricing. If you have any hesitations about working with them, you can put them to rest.
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  4. There goes Obsidian as well! :)
  5. Thanks for your kind words chrystian! I truly look forward to working with you. And yes, all of the above is true. ;)
  6. I have worked out this will be at 8am on Sunday morning. I'll try be there, but if I go out the night before.. I will likely be sleeping. :) Good luck anyway, if I don't make it.
  7. Added logs to the list of needed supplies!
  8. Ok, well, I should be able to make it now. That'll be at 3pm CST, I believe, so I'll be free! :D

    I'll try to donate some stuff as well.
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  9. Another CST'er!
  10. AW YEAH! Fist Bump! XD
  11. Remember this happens in about an hour and a half!
  12. wooot! ill do a bit of the gunpowder :)
  13. Please meet me ingame, and I can setup a supplier room for you if you like.
  14. i dont quite have it yet, but im on smp1 now

    (wild, hunting creepers)

    EDIT:wow... i sell sulphur 2r lower than both alexchance and leowaste
  15. Just let us know when you are ready
  16. change of plans. i WON'T be on for the contest or the other thins. sorry guys, but if u could keep my name in, and i could pick it up later and give u like 32 free sulphur for ur time, that would be great
  17. Sorry, unfortunately it is only available to those who show up to the event.
  18. Can't wait! I'm just hanging around, waiting for 3:00 (CST) to come! 40 minutes to go, guys! :D

  19. Awkward picture before the other 91283712 people showed up. Everyone stormed the doors to the point we couldn't even open them!

    The site went down right after the event and I was a sad panda. But other than that, thanks for everyone that showed up! We had a great turnout and you guys nearly bought us out of all our stock! I'm happy to say that everything is restocked at 14010 and we look forward to serving you on SMP7! Also, we are still looking for suppliers for the products listed in the original post.

    -Mogrimoogle and Beaverbeliever

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