[GIVEAWAY] FDNY21's 400th Day!

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  1. Hello guys, I know it was only a few days ago I did my Christmas event, but I feel I should do at least a small giveaway ;)
    Basically, just post a reply to this thread and I will write your name down. I will randomly select two winners for the giveaway and both of them will get an access chest at my second res, 18200!
    Because it is my 400th day, I have decided to tell you what my challenges that I have completed, or hope to soon in the future:
    My first three challenges in EMC were set after 200 days. It was to gain 1 million rupees, obtain a dragon egg and get all the full Marlix set. Recently, I hit 1 million rupees, was gifted a dragon egg from Jcplugs for Christmas and I managed to hunt down and buy a full Marlix set!
    A few days ago when I completed the Marlix set, I set myself a new challenge, to get the Momentus's Toothpick. On the same day, I managed to buy one from Amused Stew, so I decided it was time to set some harder challenges!
    My current challenges are to create a museum at 18200 on Smp9, and to obtain an item that will attract visitors. Something fun like and unique, like a Mob Arena Blade or something even rarer like the "Impossiball" that krysyyjane9191 owns. If anyone has an item of great value and is wondering if they want to sell or trade it, then please PM me in game or on the site and I may be able to hook you up with a deal, but until then, those are my challenges!
    I hope you enjoy my giveaway, and just a quick note for all, entries MUST be in by 10 Pm GMT (AKA 5Pm EST) else you will not be put into the draw! I should be able to draw the names out in the immediate time after 10 Pm my time, and I will post it in the thread, also private messaging the winners!

    Happy new year! :D

    Oh, and I like your message once you have been entered in. Try not to post twice ;)
  2. Did someone mention me? :) Count me in fendy!
  3. meow
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  4. Ok, lets see. I've had a dragon egg, I'm close to a full marlix set, and I think that I could reach a million if I sold my stuff.
    Mr. FDNY did it in 400, lets see if I can manage in 2... :p
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  5. cool
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  6. With the Emerald Blocks, the haunted head and turkey slicer you got from me, and the other Netherhound eggs, I'm sure you'll be able to do that NetherWorld666

    FDNY do you count heads as being rare?
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  7. Congrats on 400 days! :)
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  8. Guys.. His name is Fendy.... gosh where are you getting FDNY from?
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  9. Congrats on 400 days!
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  10. Congratulations on 400 days! :)
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  11. Well, basically not 400, seeing as how I did not set them for way over 200 days anyways. I did not even start collecting promos for over 200 days either.. I did it all rather fast if you take away how many days I did nothing and just lazed around ;)
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  12. Gratz man
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  13. What kind of heads?
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  14. They grow up so fast. - Sheds tear -.
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  15. I still remember my first day. Got greeted by iamkhatru I think :) -sheds tear-
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  16. Arguably, I'm still lazing around on the most part. :p
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  17. Everyone who has posted has been added.
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  18. OK, just completed the marlix set.
    Now to a million.
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  19. Congrats!
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