[Giveaway] Enchanted Books And Stuff

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  1. Hey all, here's another giveaway! I have divided the giveaway into 2 parts, so everyone can easily participate! Ends: September 7th!

    Part 1: Residence Showdown
    To enter this part, please send an epic looking residence in a photo! It could be from a certain theme/modern look, whatever your residence looks like. However, please don't enter a residence that is a war zone, with farms here.. shops underground, wood houses, dirt stuff. If you have a residence like that, don't worry because there is another part! :)
    If you win Part 1, you will get 11 enchanted books and 5,000r. The community decides if you will win! The player with the most votes(likes) will be the winner! Don't worry, if there is a tie, I will use random.org.
    Part 2: Boring Numbers
    Seriously, if you don't want to spend all that work sending screenies, type a random number btw 1-50. Sorry only 50 people in the number part. If you enter part 1, you might have a greater chance of winning, because everyone might just put numbers! :p You get the same prizes as Part 1. Random will decide if you win.
    NO Alts
    You can only enter in ONE part only.
    Enter numbers only 1-50

    :) Have Fun Submitting and Good Luck! :)
    Remember to check back daily and like residences!
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  2. Numbers taken..

    Residence Peoples- Currently 33.3% chance of winning

    Remember like their res!
  3. Posting picture (s) of my res tomorrow ^_^ Thanks for the giveaway. Cool idea

    Edit: A few pics, and here's the link for the rest http://imgur.com/a/kMqCu#0

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  4. Bump! Apparently, no one likes enchanted books..
  5. I'll take 7 please. I live in a wood farmhouse with a barn on SMP3. ;)
  6. I'll take number 33 please!
    here's some pics for the first part, it's far from done but slowly getting there (17007 on smp8)

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  7. Friendly reminder :p
    So Pictures or Numbers, one or the other, for all future entries just a helpful clarification ^_^
  8. whoops my bad, take me out of the numbers one lol
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  9. I'll take crazy 8.

    Sorry, I don't have a pic of an awesome residence to submit right now but...you might want to specify if it has to be "your" residence or not...because you just said "a" residence. :p
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  10. I'll enter the design of my shop (1144 it's not done yet) if it is allawed, so am I allawed to submit with the design for a residence just cause building Will take me calculated 36hours to build witch is 36 / 6 is 6 weekends all my emc-time building...
  11. I'll take lucky number 13. Thanks for the giveaway!
  12. Are you serious, I'm sorry but

    (I'm just kiddig :p )
  13. Jelle68, your post was #13 in this thread, watch your back today... ;)
  14. 32 please.
  15. I'll Take number 37. :cool:
  16. BuMp Currently the residence people have a 50% chance of winning!
  17. My entry for part 1:


    The Upstairs:

    And finally, the backyard:

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  18. Winner of Part 1:
    Tie btw Kytula and Scarmanzer, so I will use random.org! The winner is.. Kytula! Congratulations! :)
    Winner of Part 2:
    Congratz to NeedsFoodBadly!
    If you didn't see this post, you will be invited to a PM.
    To claim your books, come to my res. There will be 2 chests next to the cannon! I am very sorry to everyone who entered, I am working on a big project, so I had to lower the rupees to 5k.
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